Come one come all, evaluate my chances

<p>Since everyone is jumping on the bandwagon, I thought why not? So here I present you with my not so impressive stats, give me your thoughts and input. </p>

<p>SAT I - 1320 (660 M, 660V)
GPA - 3.6 uw
nothing special for extracuriculars, just volunteering, a few clubs and sports.
good recs and okay essays</p>

<p>school list
Georgia tech
university of Texas - Austin
University of illinois - urbana
Purdue west lafayette - accepted already</p>

<p>I am applying for chemical engineering </p>

<p>All those schools I listed do not require SAT II's for admission purposes except University of Texas, which requires Math IIC, I got a 630 for that but I ran out of time that's why. I also retook my SATs this week. Hopefully I will get above 1350. </p>

<p>My senior year courses
AP calculus AB
AP Physics B
AP English lit
AP macro/micro economics
Spanish III

<p>BTW I am a international studying in the American school in Singapore. I don't need financial aid. My GPA senior year will be OK, but not very good as I have senioritis. Will they look at senior grades?</p>

<p>Texas and Illinois will be matches for you. I have never heard about Georgia Tech so I dunno about that.</p>

<p>Im sure they look at ur senior grades. unless your grades come out late like mine - mine comes out in February but I have to apply by Jan1. So I think they only look at my junior grades and below...unless if they make me send more information, i guess they'll look at my senior grades in march or something.</p>

<p>u'll get in everywhere!!</p>

<p>Never heard of GeorgiaTech? Niiiiiiiiiiiice.......</p>