Come pick up your child, they have the flu...

Got the dreaded call today at 5:30 pm. I’m surprised they won’t keep him for the night as we live over 2 hours away, but I’d rather have him home to get him to the doctor as early as possible tomorrow anyway.

That stinks! So sorry he is sick - here’s hoping for a quick recovery.

My S away at college had to come home when he got the flu b/c no room left to separate kids. Good luck, the flu is terrible.

That’s what I’ve been hearing…schools have too many very long distance boarders that have the flu or are quarantined for possible other exposures and are having to call parents that are within driving distance because they have nowhere else to house contagious kids.

Oh no! That stinks. That happened to DS last year, with strep between Thanksgiving and Christmas. And yeah, they have to use the infirmary space for kids from farther away who can’t go home. I hope he recovers quickly!

BS exacerbates the germ and contagion factor, but after a pretty healthy early winter, suddenly it seems like there’s a ton of illness here in CT. DS2’s hockey team went down one by one, and work colleagues have been sick.

It seems they are all run down at the tail end of the sports season and school work is in full swing. Lots of kid hacking and coughing on the basketball court. Every time they go in and out of the game and hi five each other I CRINGE. They are literally just spreading germs from player to player for a whole game. Sigh. Thinking of buying a big tub of hand sanitizer and bringing it to next game and giving it to the captains with instructions to wipe down each kid as they come off the court.

Well, as everyone is posting here, I’m alerted my kid is on his way to the health center — AGAIN. This is nerve wracking for me. This time last year was disastrous and he still has not recovered. ?

ugh @buuzn03 hope he is ok and/or bounces back quickly. You are far away from him right?

Can you get him an “EZC pak” from a CVS delivered to him at school? We have found that if my kids start it the second they begin to feel run down it can prevent a full blown illness. Our immune suppressed family member also swears by it. She CANNOT get sick because if she does its a long road. She uses several of them every winter and says they really work.

Thanks @one1ofeach. I hadn’t thought of that. I’ll check and if not, I think I may either be able to Prime it or have the local grocery store deliver it (they should carry it).

At this point, we will try anything!! How often does your immune-suppressed family member use them? He’s pretty much in that boat-long story- so I want to try and curb the recurring illnesses as much as possible!

Hope your kiddo feels better soon @buuzn03!!
I hear it’s going around all the schools!! Plus, a cough thing.

Tell them to clean their cell phones and keyboards. FWIW, last year when I was even MORE OCD than I am now, I bought kiddo a Phone Soap ultra-violet cell phone cleaning machine.

We use them probably once a month/once every other month all winter. So ends up being 3-4 times during the “sick” season. My son got super sick at the end of soccer season and it was a huge pain. Multiple inhalers. Then an actual z pak, etc. that’s what led me to look up something more preventative and the ezc pak came up.

@buuzn03 Oh no, I hope it is nothing serious. The z-pack did help me in this situation so worth trying. I agree with everyone this time of the year is germ central, both for my college kid (in the middle of midterms with everyone jammed into office hours) and my BS kid who will not dress properly (any rain gear is absolute no for him) so has a semi-permanent bad cough. Not helped by inadequate sleep either. Let’s hope all of our kiddos survive the rest of the winter term in one piece.

Thanks @one1ofeach — good to know! @buuzn03, I hope your kiddo gets better…a few more weeks till break. This period seems to universally be the worst part of the school year.

Just to clarify. A z pak is an antibiotic you get from the Dr. The ezc pak I’m talking about is a vitamin C and Zinc supplement that helps before you’re actually full blown sick. I get them from cvs…

@one1ofeach i found them on Amazon prime and they are on the way!! Thanks again!

I hope everyone is feeling better! We picked DS up on Tuesday morning with the flu. And now it seems I have it. :frowning: It is going around like wildfire.
Wash those hands!

Oh nooooo @carpoolingma Feel better!!!

Thanks @buuzn03 . I hope your kid’s health center visit turned out ok.

Thank you…it did. It’s just another viral infection. They’re keeping a close eye on it, though.

Ugh. DS has stayed healthy but husband and kid at home are sick, and DS is coming home Tomorrow for us to do a college trip Sunday-Monday, so I have to keep him away from the sickies!