Comet Neowise. Exciting!

Let us know if you see it.

Some people I know took photos of it over the desert. Is this a new comet?

No, it’s “here” currently, most of July it will be visible.

I am having a childhood flashback… Moomintroll, anyone? :slight_smile:

@TatinG it is a new comet in the sense that it was just discovered at the end of March with the NEOWISE space telescope.

We did!!! 4 am in Pennsylvania. You really have to know where to look, and naked eye is a bit generous, binoculars make all the difference (we have a spotting scope on our telescope) We have photos from DH’s camera on a tripod. As the week goes along, finding it at night will be easier than dawn patrol. Find a weather chart to help guess visibility as far as cloud cover, and get some elevation.

Dang. Too many trees in our area to even try to look for it. Argh.

(1) not getting up before dawn and (2) too low in the sky and blocked right now. I’ll definitely be checking it out when it switches to dusk and later, and getting out both the binoculars and the cheap telescope.

Tomorrow morning is supposed to be peak viewing, low in the Northeast sky before dawn. Problem is northeast from our home is tall trees, so unless we climb out onto the roof… I might consider driving someplace nearby.

I’m probably going to sound comet jaded, but I don’t think I will get up and drive pre-dawn, after the amazing Hale-Bopp and Comet Holmes experiences I have had in the past. If I hadn’t seen them, I’d probably be more committed. It sounds great, though.

Saw it this morning (Front Range of Colorado) around 4:45! We checked out possible viewing spots yesterday and found a park that is at a higher elevation than our house and with unobstructed views of the eastern horizon. As the horizon was quite bright, viewing it with the naked eye wasn’t possible, but it was quite clear with binoculars. And several planets were also visible–Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, and Mars. Worth the early wake-up time!

Yes, it’s a good time to be out gazing, even without a bonus comet. Jupiter is about as bright as it gets, and between about midnight and sunrise, Mars, Venus, Saturn, Jupiter are all visible.

If you check, you can also see when the ISS and visible satellites are passing over your specific location.

I have the app Night Sky on my iPad so can use it to see where everything is. Assuming the marine layer isn’t blocking the sky.

We finally had a night where the clouds weren’t bad at the horizon and the rest of the sky is clear. So an hour ago we drove five minutes to the ocean overlook and could see the comet with binoculars. It was a bit dim but very distinctly a head and tail. Exciting indeed!

The sky will be clear tomorrow. Fingers crossed ?.

Anyone remember the old superstition? In a leap year, when a star with a bright tail becomes clearly visible in the sky, a great plague will descend upon us.

Well, there we have the answer!

Saw it the other night! First with binocs, then once it got dark enough and I knew where to look could find it naked eye with averted vision. So cool!

LOL! Comets :comet: did fascinate and terrify humans for ages.

Saw it last night (after 10 PM). In the Midwest, so it wasn’t all that visible with the naked eye (at least with my eyesight), but really clear through binoculars. Was able to get a photo with the Night Vision feature on my phone. Not an award-winning photo, but it’s clear that it’s a comet.

We also saw Jupiter and a couple of its moons.

I saw it tonight in suburban Los Angeles with binoculars. We live near the mountains, but we were able to get a decent view from our front yard, although the nearby street lights were annoying. I think our skies here are probably too bright to see it with the naked eye, but I’m going to keep looking every night until it’s no longer visible. We may have to try going out of the city a bit, maybe up in the mountains. So cool!