Coming for a visit!

<p>We will be there Monday April 18th! Still have to set up something with the Film Dept. Any last minute advice or information about Film? Can't wait to get out of this NY cold and go down to the warm!</p>

<p>We look forward to your visit! If you are interested in setting up a meeting with the Film Department their phone number is 910-962-7502. UNCW will be in class that day and our student tour guides will be excited to show you around campus and tell you about student life. This weekend the weather is sunny and in the mid 80’s so we will hope it stays like that for your visit!</p>

<p>We have a general tour/info session set up, and the lady from the Film Dept is supposed to be getting back to me to see if someone will be around that day to answer questions, as she will not be in the office. They don’t seem to do actual tours of the film facilities.
Yes, those 80’s better stay! We need to thaw out!</p>