Commercial dance 2023

Hi! I auditioned for Pace’s CD program in LA and was called back along with 3 other dancers to be interviewed. This makes me very eager to hear audition results. Does anyone know when I should expect to hear from them?

From what I’ve seen in past years they start calling during the beginning to mid March. Some people say they receive calls and some say they just received letters in the mail. Good luck to you!

Calls should be going out this week, if they follow what was done in past years. Letters will follow around the 15th-18th

What do you mean by called back? At their NY auditions they only Auditioned the kids got through Pre-Screening. And then sent everyone home. There was no other call backs. Did they do things different with your audition?

@elenimal they’ve been known to make phone calls to accepted students a few days before waitlist and rejection letters go out.

@elenimal I auditioned in LA and at the end of the ballet, jazz, tap, and hip hop portions they called back me and 3 other dancers to stay afterwards for an interview .

I don’t mean a call back. They actually make a phone call to the dancers that have been accepted to the program.

I auditioned in NY and received a call back interview along with seven other students. From my understanding that doesn’t guarantee acceptance into the program.

@klandancer I know, but hopefully it helps your chances! :slight_smile:

@jujudancer2023 I hope so!! Pace is my first choice… good luck to you!!!

anyone get a phone call from Pace yet?

Noooooo, nothing…?

Nope? it’s killing me!

Someone commenting in the dance major threads got a pace rejection letter in the mail today. Maybe they just didn’t do calls this year. Good luck to you all, we should know soon!

My daughter got her rejection letter yesterday. We know someone who was accepted, she found out early this week and posted on her Instagram.

I’m sorry! I’ve gotten rejections to some schools as well. It’s not easy. Whatever is meant to be for your daughter will be!
I just found out I’m an alternate. Kind of frustrating that I have to keep waiting. I’m just praying that accepted people who do not want a spot at pace decline soon so that I hear back before I have to put a deposit down for another school.

@jujudancer2023 did you find out by email, phone call or snail mail? My daughter still waiting. Her friend got her rejection letter Friday.
Good luck to you!

I got a letter through snail mail.

I received an acceptance letter in the mail on Saturday. Good luck to everyone!!! It’s such a stressful time.

Does anyone know how large the 2023 Commercial Dance class is?