common app essay idea for uc's

<p>I don't have much to write about because I have a boring life, so this is the only idea I have thought of. Can I write about how my family had to hide from debt collectors and stuff? (I found it pretty fun, actually) Or is that just too needy? I feel like it's a sob story that's not actually very sad or important. I don't come from a low-income family or anything. We're actually pretty well off. So tell me what you think</p>

<p>You should only write about it if it affected YOU in some profound way. What may sound like a "sob story" may be fine if it is not written in a manner that merely provokes sympathy.
Also, no life is boring. If you have changed and devleoped as a person over the years (which you most likely if not definitely have), then you have something to write about. Remember, the essay doesn't necessariliy have to be "eventful" - it just has to show the real you.</p>