Communications and Economics major?

I’ve been admitted to Northwestern University School of Communication, but I really want to go into the business world (without MBA). I was thinking about double majoring econ and communication studies. I’ve been told that double majors aren’t particularly interesting to employers, but I do want experience in econ classes.
-Is it really hard to double major?
-Is this double major a good idea?
-Would it be better to major in communication studies and minor in econ?

Thanks for the input!

From a current NU freshman:

I don’t know how employers view double majors, but…

It can be hard to get a dual degree. Most of them that I know of are engineering and theatre or music and are super seniors or planning to graduate in 5 years. But a double major or major/minor with SoC and Econ should be way easier, especially since the quarter system allows you to take more classes than at a semester school. The econ major requires 17 courses, while the minor requires 10. It seems perfectly doable to me.

Is it a good idea/what would be best? I guess you’d have talk to your adviser. Keep in mind that you don’t have to major or minor in econ to take econ classes. Tbh, your major(s)/minor(s) don’t matter so much, at least for a few quarters. It can be good to have a plan and identity, but the only real advantages of declaring early are pre-registration and getting on the department’s listserv.

I wouldn’t worry too much about this stuff just yet. I would recommend getting started in SoC and taking an econ intro class or two. Then you should have a better idea of if you want to focus on SoC stuff, econ stuff, or what.

Thank you for the input! It was quite insightful! @malvernvarna

Many people double major here. I would reckoned that you major in Comm studies and then minor in BIP (business institutions). I know many students doing that who have found much success. Majoring in Econ and Comm is also very doable if you would like to do so. You get a lot of flexibility here. As for future career prospects, double majoring is all about giving you options. It seems like maybe you don’t know what you want to do on the future yet, so just test out some classes. You can start the BIP minor sophomore year.

That is very intriguing! Thanks! @CaliCash