comparison between ER trained commercial Pilot and from any Normal flying school, who gets Hired b

who gets Hired by commercial airlines
is there any advantage for ER trained pilot
Costs are expensive

I don’t know a ton on this because I’m not a flight student. However, people usually say that getting a flight degree from Riddle makes you well-sought after in the industry and gives you great networking opportunities. People usually cut costs by getting their private pilot’s license on their own or by getting some of their flight hours from cheaper off-campus flight schools.

Absolutely in over my head on this particular issue… I have no idea.

But when my son was considering a career in sports management, he emailed a few questions to some of the people in his dream job with local pro sports teams.

He got a number of polite, generic replies-- and one from a man who basically offered to mentor him. He spent time on the phone with my son, got us free tickets to a game, and was incredibly nice.

(Then, of course, my son changed his major to criminal justice, lol.)

Why not find some high profile people in the industry and ask them?

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