Competitive Scholarships

I spoke with the Academic Scholarsips office this afternoon. Letters were mailed today and awards are set to be posted on MyUK Friday afternoon.

Any idea where to find them on myUK?

I believe it would be on the financial aid section where you can accept your awards, but I’m not sure

Anyone have news yet??

NO news yet. Although my S did get an acceptance letter to Lewis Honors College in the mail today

My son received a letter today. He was offered Bluegrass and Lewis Honors College. We loved UK but University of Cincinnati is now substantially less expensive so it looks like he will be a Bearcat. I am disappointed for him but for many reasons I am okay with Cincinnati. He is a brain cancer survivor and only 7 months off treatment so being closer to home relieves some of my worry.

Best of luck to everyone!!!

Correction, the letter to Lewis Honors College is written invitation to back up email he received on 2/15/2019. But still no notification on myUK portal regarding competitive scholarships. Guessing no news is bad news. He’s been offered an extremely generous merit and competitive scholarship in Engineering program (Computer) at Univ of AL. He also was accepted Univ of TN, Univ SC (with scholarships), and Clemson (no scholarships of course) and we are waiting regular decision notification from UGA. UK is first choice but will need to look at pros and cons based on costs if no competitive scholarship at UK.

My daughter received 2 letters yesterday - one was invitation to Lewis Honors College and the other was the Presidential scholarship. We’re so excited for her! She did not qualify for Singletary with a 32 ACT. Good luck to everyone! BTW, we live in Lexington, so don’t stress if you haven’t received your letter yet!

Does it show up somewhere on her portal as well? We got the Lewis acceptance email a week or so ago but the letter came today. My DD interviewed for the Singletary the first part of February but no word yet.

Yes - it’s under financial aid/ view and accept awards/ 2019-2020 school year