Compiling a list of Liberal Arts schools known to have strong theatre programs

Hi! I hope you all are doing well. This isn’t one of those personal “recommend me a college” type of things. I was just hoping to see if you knew of any liberal arts colleges (any location inside the United States, small >3,500, any selectivity) that has a well-developed/good quality theatre/acting program. I have some friends that are looking for schools like this, so it would be cool to have a list of names for them to research. They aren’t much into musical theatre, just acting, and they both have very good grades. So if you know of a liberal arts school with a quality theatre program, my friends and I would greatly appreciate it if you could reply with the name and maybe a notable aspect about their program.


The ones that have come to mind in our research are:
Sarah Lawrence
All of these have excellent programs with great training within a BA program. I’m sure there are others but these are the LACs that my daughter applied to.