completely stressed, and confused

My kid is about to complete jr year. What are our chances of BSMD with below and which programs would be within his reach. I think another attempt at SAT might help as corona messed up everything. Please advise!

Weighted GPA: 4.60
Unweighted GPA: 3.97

Cancer Research at one of big university in Chicago - 500 hours
Vex Robotics World Championship 2 times
200+ hours of community volunteering
300+ hours of Volunteering experience at Senior Citizen center
Mini Med School as a Student and as a Teacher’s Assistant

I also wanted to check about essays and application process. any feedback about premedhq, medschoolcoach or other similar services. they are asking for 5k-10k for essay and interviews prep.


Don’t get stressed out. This year will add another level of unknown due to covid and many students may or may not have taken ACT/SAT etc.,

BS/MD process is unpredictable outcome. Your kid is equal chance like many other kids. So apply to few programs of interest and also apply to regular UG programs which are equally important where your kid will join and thrive.

Use the current time to narrow down the list of schools, prepare for college app main essay and secondary essays from BS/MD programs. Control what you can and don’t waste energy on which you have no control.

I personally don’t like any coaching or paid services at all, especially at this stage of time like time to apply. There are many parents & students provide constant response for any questions once the yearly BS/MD thread for coming cycle created. GL.

If you have 5-10k spare, please send it to India’s PM Care fund for fighting Coronavirus. You have identified yourself as of being Indian origin in another thread.

Apply to a few BS/MD but odds are unpredictable and many have such conditions that a student who meets these requirements would qualify for med school anyway. As a result, they’re not really that advantageous.
Focus on finding two affordable safeties - honors colleges at public universities, LACs with a 35-45% acceptance rate and a good reputation for science. The utmost care must be taken in finding safeties that are a good fit.
(Look into St Olaf, Lawrence, Beloit, Whitman, Lewis&Clark, Sewanee, Dickinson, Muhlenberg… depending on where you live and what sort of environment your child needs to thrive: more/less liberal or conservative, outdoorsy / athletic / musical or artistic / quirky…)
Run the NPCs.

Before any odds assessment can or should be offered, you will need a standardized test score (ACT or SAT).

Your kid has a very good application and ECs based on what you have written. Having standardized test scores will help you better understand your chances. But, it ultimately comes down to your application itself.