Completing PFS for blended family

I could use some guidance. We are applying for FA for all schools. Our situation is a little complicated in that:
1) I'm divorced and have two kids from that marriage
2) Applicant Daughter's father is deceased
3) I'm now remarried
4) My husband also has 2 kids who he supports as non-custodial parent
5) Since we're married, our Tax Returns are Married status and have both our incomes and expenses</p>

1) Do I list my husband as Parent / Legal Guardian? He has not adopted my childrenÂ…"just" the step-father
2) Do I list my husband's sons as Dependents? They don't live with us but we do pay child support and other expenses for them
3) Any other guidance for how to complete this application as accurately and realistically as possible?</p>


<p>Call SSS and ask them. I have found them to be very responsive and helpful. I would think your ex would not be relevant if he never had and responsibility for the child. Your current spouse will be on your own statement, and all his income is reported. Any obligations he has will be accounted for in the expenses section.</p>