Computer Science @ UAH


My son has not done a campus visit yet but currently has UAH very high on his list. He qualifies for the full-tuition scholarship (which is obviously a huge draw) & everything I read about the school sounds positive.

I was just looking for specific feedback on the CS program. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

I can’t speak to the school itself, but the BS degree is ABET accredited and offers sufficient depth in the major requirements alone, as well as decent elective offerings in upper-level areas. UAH isn’t specifically known for CS but the degree will get you where you want to go.

I would caution that UAH is a College Confidential darling that is viewed very favorably on the forum, so consider that context. That said, it has that status because of the value for the price for those who get the scholarship.

We did visit and met with tthe department head. I cant say that we were overly impressed with what they have to offer with CS, though the positives are that Huntsville is high tech, so there are opportunities abound for internships, the same as you, the full tuition scholarship makes it very very attractive. If you want to do cyber security with CS, it definitely is making a name in that area.(my son wants gaming) Also from the size/student population, it was an excellent fit for my son. It is still pretty up on the list, as a first choice safety.

Hi @sdl0625,
Can you share in what way you weren’t that impressed with what UAH has to offer regarding computer science?

not much in terms of undergrad research opportunities. Just did not seem as “robust” as some of the known tech schools.

Thanks for the information. This school is also on my daughter’s list and she’s interested in CS.

@bigdadreed Another perspective–my son is a rising junior aerospace major at UAH. He has told me more than once that the #1 demand major at the career fairs is CS/Computer Engineering. Not sure about undergrad research for CS except that my son is currently working for Boeing and will be doing undergrad research starting in the Fall in a joint program between UAH and NASA. I would think with CS/Computer Engineering in such demand for internships/co-ops, there would be a lot of demand for CS research as well.
If you tour there, you’ll find out a lot by requesting a departmental visit and querying every student you can.
Good luck! My son loves the access to opportunities!

HI @Gertyberty - we did a campus visit last fall. While I have no doubt that UAH is an outstanding school for engineering, my son really preferred UA Tuscaloosa. I think it was a combination of campus aesthetics & general vibe that pointed him to Tuscaloosa. With similar scholarships available at both schools, it was an easy call for him.