Computer Science Vs Information Technology

I am interested in technology but I do not like math. However, I feel like computer science can get you more job opportunities than information technology because I feel like if you know math the better. I feel like if computer science is not math-heavy I could probably do it. Is CS math heavy?

The math is CS is different-- discrete math not calculus. I hated my Calc series but loved Comp Sci and discrete math. Computational Science or Computational Math is Calc-heavy. IT probably has a lot of job opportunities but different ones from CS. Depends if the IT curriculum has programming and software engineering-- if it does you’re golden.

Do u know of some IT programs that are pretty technical? A few that come to mind to me are IIT-Chicago, UCF and Purdue-WL.


It starts with multiple courses in Calculus, then Linear/Matrix Algebra, Proofs/Logic, set theory, and some sort of Discrete/Combinatorics/Probability. Probably number theory and graph theory somewhere.

CS without the rigorous math is Information System or Computer Programming.