<p>I have the specs right here on my desk...</p>

<p>Dell--- 3-Year Battery Warranty, 4-Year ProSupport for IT Warranty & Service, 4-Year CompleteCare Accidental Damage Protection, 4-year keep your hard drive</p>

<p>Apple - 4-Year AppleCare, 1-year battery</p>

<p>Lenovo - 3 year battery, 4-year ThinkPad Protection and 4-year Accidental Damage Protection, 4-Year Keep Your Hard Drive.</p>

<p>Cavalier Computers is not an HP warranty service center. We can not do HP warranty work.</p>

<p>Join our Cavalier Computers Facebook Group for updates and information to the CAV Program. We should start updating it later this week with the latest program details.
Cavalier</a> Computers | Facebook</p>

<p>Look in your snail mail for the CAV Program catalog in about two weeks. This will explain the program in detail.</p>


<p>What is your recommendation regarding screen sizes vs keyboard tradeoffs? I'm looking at buying a new laptop for the upcoming year -- I would rather not buy a 15 inch because the laptop is just too large, but most smaller laptops don't have the number pads I would like to have.</p>

<p>Also, will the computers that will be sold in next year's packages will be on hand during Finals weekend to try out? Will Cav Computers be open on the 23rd?</p>

<p>Keep in mind all, WDStrong is a CavComputer representative. I'm guessing they don't make any money off of selling Macs, which is why he's not pushing them. </p>

<p>I haven't used a Mac since elem. school, I switched mid-year last year, no problems. Everyone on a Mac I know in SEAS switched first year. Zero problems. Also, AppleCare warranty is amazing. Just take care of the dang thing, which is what you should do with any computer.</p>

<p>Most of the schools want you to have a smaller 13" style computer mainly due to the size, as they know you will be towing the thing around with you all the time. Plus the 13s will normally have a longer battery life. We see kids with those huge 17 inchers constantly looking for power plugs.. :)
Key number pads? Hardly any of todays notebooks will have them, but, Cavalier Computers can get an external numbers keypad that you can plug into the USB port. Or, just use an external keyboard.
I am doubting that we will have them here for finals weekend as the UVA builds were just approved days ago, and the software has yet to be built and tested by ITC.
But you never know... they may have them. Stop by and ask one of the sales guys when you get a chance.
I do know that the Dell we are offering will be pretty darn close in look and feel to current model that we do have on display. The new one will have a lot faster processor and better video.</p>

<p>shoebox. you are wrong again.
actually, we make more off the Apples.
You guys can listen to this person if you want, but I would seriously consider what the E-School says. They seem to know the most, and do tell Cavalier Computers what they want students using. Cavalier does NOT tell the E-School what their students should use, they tell us.
I would personally love people using Apple, their warranty really does suck, in fact, I purchased one for my daughter for use at WVU, while my other daughter got a Lenovo. The Lenovo cost me zero money to get fixed over her 4 years of use, while the other daughters Apple cost me $800 because when it broke, there was a crack in the corner that Apple says may have contributed to the computers inability to turn on.
If you have any questions about what I use as a computer, stop by the marketing office in the back of the UVA Bookstore, sitting on my desk will be a six month old Apple MacBook Pro 15. I have a three monitor setup and am typing this post on it.
So... Shoebox, before you call me out, get your facts straight.</p>

<p>OK, perhaps a stupid question, but maybe not the most stupid here, lol...I see Dell & Levono mentioned. What about sony?. S2 really likes them, can custom design it online to meet specs required (or exceeding) SEAS requirements. They do offer the long term service that cover damage such as sodas being spilled etc... He also prefers a 16" screen (or whatever Sony has that is closest, 16.9" I think).
Thanks so much for your help!</p>

<p>*NOTE, I just crossed posts with the poster above who said they prefer a smaller screen... The battery life is good and a second battery takes care of this, but I guess it's better to go with the preferred specs. My question would still remain, any love loss against Sony?</p>

<p>Cavalier Computers does not cover Sony computers.
We are a warranty service provider for Apple, Dell and Lenovo.
We have tried in the past, but students had to send them off, being left without a computer for a week.
Whereas with the Apple, Dell and Lenovo CAV Computers, you can get a loner computer if the computer requires extensive repairs.</p>

<p>Hence why I said "guessing". And I didn't call you out, don't bring negativity around when it wasn't here to start with. These students coming in are looking for current-student advice, so let them get it.<br>
Besides, why else do you push Dell and Lenevo so much? I know far too many Dell users who HATE their Dell from first year. I'd say more than half have had to replace them. Thinkpads are pretty decent, especially if you get the right model. But all the MBPs (ok, minus one friend who has to have a lemon...four hard drive and two logic board replacements) have lasted and the only reason they want to upgrade is because they want a desktop now that we're all growing up. </p>

<p>Every engineer from Day 1 has said "buy PC". Why is this? Most engineering programs are Windows only. However, good ole Parallels and VMFusion removes this issue on Macs. Unless you're trying to run a Cad program, you can run anything on a MBP with Parallels. I do admit, Mechs/Aeros should think about sticking with PC. Before, they could get away with it because we had the Stacks computers in addition to their labs to run these programs. But, the "all-best-knowing" e-school apparently thinks that having this abundance of computers is no longer feasible. Fine. They'll still have the design labs, but I'm sure no one wants to be battling for those computers. But any other major would be just fine with an Apple. The learning curve is downwards, I think.</p>

<p>But current student advise does not apply to future events departments will be moving to.</p>

<p>As I have said over and over again for the last 13 years to students and their families... check with what the Engineering School wants you to use. If they said to go ahead and use Apples we would be all over it advising students to do this. But they don't. "They say NO MACS". There are other issues that have nothing to do with what software you run.
Total cost of ownership is much much higher with the Apple due to all of the software you have use.<br>
So your friends with the DCI/CAV Dell's, they have a 4-Year warranty right? That means they get it fixed for free? Yes.
I can understand your feelings towards some of the Dells, mainly the consumer brands we sold the past few years. They looked pretty, but they just were not as strong and reliable as the Latitude business class computers.
Until Apple offers a warranty equal to what Della and Lenovo offer, me personally, will always suggest to students to buy the PCs. </p>

<p>I would not blame the eSchool for the computer labs, it is higher than that. But it all comes down to money. It is not always about the cost of the hardware, there are huge costs associated with the software licensing. Even for EDUs.</p>

<p>Just spoke to the Cavalier Computer guys, they wont have the demos in time for graduation.</p>

<p>Calm down, Shoe, get on the treadmill & grab that bottle of Rogaine.</p>

<p>I'll be interested in seeing Cav's prices before making a decision. Do I buy a computer with a great warranty that will be close to obsolete in 3 years or do I buy a cheaper computer with a standard warranty, replace the battery in a year, and buy another computer after my second year with newer and better technology?</p>

<p>why wasnt there battery warranty when we bought our computers in the past???? lameee. well in any case anyone debating it, get the best warranty on your battery you can, they only last 1 year at most and they are pricey to replace. you WILL do something stupid to your computer (spills, drops) and you will want a warranty that replaces it at cav comps. it's highly worth it. but they will be obsolete in 4 years. mine is pretty much about to go and the warranty goes out this month and i've already had to reinstall windows once (now there are unfixable errors with the disk or something else horrible like that, i have little faith it will make it much longer).</p>

<p>I just think it's ridiculous for a school to command what you use for personal use. Also, I owned my last computer without ever having to use the warranty because $300 or $2000, a computer should be respected, aka no dropping it, slinging it around, open liquids nearby (i'm looking at you hazel ;)). Plenty of people get by on Macs, and they shouldn't be avoided like the plague if someone already owns one/wants to continue using it/wants to get one.</p>

<p>oh my god it was the worst thing i ever did, my poor computer. it was tea and i kicked it over while i was sleeping cause my desk was right next to my bed and i roll around a lot
but i'm just being honest here stuff happens to your computer when you live in dorms and go to college and stuff like that</p>

<p>Great mental image...thanks for the laugh ahahah</p>

<p>clearly the amazing part was how there was tea on my computer all night and
1. wasn't ruined (just motherboard needed to be replaced because it was running hot)
and more miraculously
2. it didn't TURN OFF ALL NIGHT and was still working in the morning, just with me freaking out when there was liquid all around it
"the little computer that could"</p>

<p>oh and it also smelled like cinnamon apple for 3 weeks</p>

<p>What computer should an incoming Clas student get? Dell, Mac Book or Mac book pro????? bio/Pre med major probably. Any suggestions? I have been following the Seas argument but wondering about the regular non engineering student.</p>

<p>whatever you like better will work just fine</p>