<p>Hah, I came home one night, two days before finals started (and a lucky year I had four in three days). Threw my backpack on my bed, it bounced off, hit the floor with two books on top of it. I literally stood there and cried. Killed the screen and the case, but luckily, got it replaced. Let's just say I have NEVER not babied my puter after that.
You're lucky your hard drive survived. And look at it this way: you could've spilled something nasty smelling on it...I don't think they do deodorant for PCs. Just deodorant for the excessive users of their PCs (I may be balding and growing a gut, but a lot of PC users smell...bad)</p>

<p>CLAS kids should get whatever they want. Comm school too. Most of your classes will just need word processing/internet with the occasional slide show or Excel thrown in. All do-able on either platforms</p>

hy wasnt there battery warranty when we bought our computers in the past???? lameee.


<p>Because the manufacturers did not offer it. Now they are and we are all over it like butter on toast.
Now if we could only convince Apple to give a CompleteCare Accident Protection type warranty. They don't want to do it. They may or may not have talked about it in the past. But they always decide not to go with it. Personally I suspect that the cost would put the computers into "no mans land", they are already pretty damn pricy for what you get for your bucks compared to the Windows PCs.</p>

<p>If my S buys his computer directly from Dell, will CAV Computers service it? What about the additional requirements to get online with UVA? Will that be a problem?</p>

If my S buys his computer directly from Dell, will CAV Computers service it? What about the additional requirements to get online with UVA? Will that be a problem?

I just called the service desk to check. They said that if you have an Apple, Dell, or IBM, they'll service it regardless of where it was purchased.</p>

<p>Not so simple Dean J.</p>

The CAV Program models can be shipped home during the summer or delivered to the dorm prior to move-in weekend.
Support for non CAV Program models is at best, reduced. We are not authorized to perform repairs on every brand and even Dell limits us to only Dell units purchased direct and from Dell's Higher Education Segment. repairs on every brand and even Dell limits us to only Dell units purchased direct and from Dell's Higher Education Segment. We do not sell warranties; we honor the warranty for those brands we are authorized to perform service on. We only have spare parts on-hand for the CAV Program models. We only provide loaner computers for CAV Program customers with repairs that take longer than normal. We do provide installation and configuration services through Cavalier Computers Service. The rate is $85 per hour and the work is done on a first-in, first-out basis.


<p>The Apple website is offering a free 8GB Touch (via Rebate) and a $100.00 rebate on an apple printer. If we buy an Apple from Cav Computers do we get the same rebate opportunities?</p>

<p>Yes. I am working on that stuff right now.
You can buy most all iPods and get up to $199 back via mail in rebate. I should have the website updated later today. If not tomorrow. You will have to pay for the ipod up front though, just like the apple store.</p>

<p>Bottom line: Is there an advantage to buying an Apple MacBook Pro through CAV Computers? Will the service of the computer (provided I buy a 4-year Apple Care warranty) be the same regardless of where I buy the computer, or will I get better service if I purchase it through CAV Computers? Will the prices and rebates be comparable to those in an apple store? And lastly, how long will it take for me to receive my MacBook Pro once I've ordered it?</p>

<p>I am eager to get my computer as soon as possible so that I can familiarize myself with it before school starts (in the past, I've always used pc's).</p>

<p>Thank you.</p>

<p>You can't get a 4-year AppleCare from Apple. That is only available through the CAV Program. Apple only offers 1 Year warranty or 3-Years AppleCare. You really can't compare the pricing on the 4-year model as Apple does not offer that anywhere, including their own stores. Remember that AppleCare does NOT cover the computer for Accidental Damage and does not cover software issues. The Dell and Lenovo do have accidental damage protection.</p>

<p>All CAV Program computers are given first priority for service, and computers requiring significant repairs will be offered a *loaner computer to ensure your studies do not suffer. *Based on availability</p>

<p>Currently there is a 6-8 week wait before delivery as these computers are made specifically for UVA students. We are also still building and testing the required software to ensure that they work well together. That time will most likely change once testing and the builds begin.</p>

<p>If you have already purchased a Mac, we will be contacting you shortly by phone and email letting you know of the new iPod promotion. Be advised we have a lot of customers so far so it may be a day or two before you are notified.</p>

<p>Does the 14-inch Lenovo offered through the CAV program have a dedicated graphics card? Is it possible to change the configurations of the CAV Program offerings in any way?</p>

<p>Yes. It has the NVIDIA NVS 3100m 256MB DDR3 video card.</p>

<p>No, you can not customize the CAV computers.</p>


<p>As an engineering student, looks like I'll be getting a Dell or Lenovo. However, just so I know, does the engineering program require the use of any applications or software that are just not compatible with Mac computers and designed exclusively for Windows?</p>

<p>Thanks. Looks like going through Cav computers is really the best way to go if you don't have a laptop already. Never know what can happen on campus -- good to have support.</p>

<p>I am told that SPSS is at least one bit of software that is Windows only.
But, Professor Rosen says there will be no support for windows on a mac. The added costs are also pretty high, windows, bootcamp or virtual software. and you most likely wont do backups, so whatever you have on the windows side when the hard drive dies will most likely be lost. MAC backup software wont do the windows side.</p>

<p>will you all be sending any information through mail? are there any bundles available?</p>

<p>I have a question about battery warranties.</p>

<p>Say I buy a Dell from UVa, and after a few months, the battery life goes from (hypothetically) 3hrs to 1hrs. Is that covered within the battery warranty? Is there anyway you can tell me what is covered within the warranty?</p>

<p>The Dell techs will run some software diagnostics on the computer and that will tell if it is a battery or power supply issue. Either way it should be covered. But, there are variables that determine what is covered and how it is repaired.</p>