Concerts? Spongebob? Veganism? I don’t know what to write about.

Hello, I am struggling with my college essay topics. I have narrowed my options down to focusing on either a challenge I overcame or an interest that defines me. For some background information about me, I am looking towards majoring in English or journalism so I’m nervous…

  • Challenge: weight loss / ED - it’s a touchy subject but overcoming it could show my determination and resilience
  • Challenge: going vegan in a non vegan household - passion, determination, my ability to work with others who have differing beliefs
  • Interest: concerts / music - passion? any ideas?
  • interest: love for spongebob - sparked creativity within myself / becoming comfortable with who I am / imagination
  • interest: writing / reading - I have a lot to say about this but I feel as though it may come off as boring or cliche
  • I thought about even writing about my love for HEB (grocery store) It has played a big role in me growing up. Every Sunday I go with my mom, to this day. It opens up new opportunities to try new foods, I am able to explore who I am through the food and items sold.
  • some other interests of mine if you have any ideas: interior decorating, fashion, vinyl collecting, book collecting, my love for the outdoors, or cooking.
    Thank you!