Confused about acceptance to College of Music

<p>My friend’s daughter got accepted to FSU’s College of Music where she auditioned for a degree in MT or Voice performance-two separate auditions. She was accepted at the principal level but not into either programs of her choice. Apparently she can enroll in all core music major courses her first year then must reapply and either be accepted or pick a new degree program. Does anyone know anything about this. What are her chances of an acceptance next year. Is this like probation-do most of the students get in after a year of hard work-or is this postponing an inevitable switch of majors. Is is worth it to get a BA-music from FSU if it’s all you can qualify for?

<p>Our son was not one of the 4 (3 from out-of-state) out of 56 percussionists offered admission to music. now he is confused about what do do -- change his major, the only one he ever considered, and keep trying to get into the percussion studio or to go to a different school.</p>

<p>Hm, I personally think this warrants a call to the "horse's mouth", and may be even ideally an answer 'in writing' (going the email route?). I have seen heard way too many example of kids thinking that they were still able to re-audition and/or combine majors and finding out that the odds in reality are slim to nil.</p>

<p>I can help with this a little bit. I have no idea about the successful reaudition statistics for percussion performance; for Music Theatre, students who reaudition are evaluated exactly the same as students we are seeing for the first time. It doesn't happen often, but sometimes a student who reauditions is successful the second time around. </p>

<p>Regarding the offer to join the BA program in Music; the student is being given the opportunity to study in the College of Music in a major that is not a performance degree (unless he or she successfully reauditions for the performance program.) For the student who auditioned in VP and MT, voice would be her primary instrument and she would take private voice all four years. After the first year, she would need to choose a major such as Music Education or Music Therapy (a non-performance music focus.) </p>

<p>I hope this helps!