Confused about my acceptance for UCF

So I just recently sent my application to UCF on Oct. 7. But I took my ACT on Oct. 10, My score went from a 22 to a 25. Do you think UCF got my new scores before sending me my acceptence? I got accepted into the summer term and not the fall term even though all my stats are above average for the school. I’m have all the requirements for the top 10 knights program too. Do you guys think I got accepted into the summer term because they did not receieve my new test scores? This is not my top school but I was just confused it made me nervous for my other schools decisions.

My stats
GPA: 3.66/4.66
ACT: 25
Rank: 27/402

I have taken 6 AP classes and passed 4 test, I’m an AP Scholar
I’m in NHS and NHSDA

Call admissions, you can appeal for fall.