Confusion in Eligibility Criteria for undergrad admission in Stanford

<p>Hello everyone,
I would be extremely grateful if someone takes a bit of time to read and answer my question</p>

<p>I am a Pakistani student and I am confused because instead of doing A levels I have passed my High school certificate examination under board of intermediate and secondary education Pakistan. It is equivalent to A levels in Pakistan and is required by all universities in Pakistan for undergraduate programs. I have studied four years of English, maths , physics and chemistry during my school and college education. I got very good marks 973/1100( in pakistan these are considered as excellent marks)and got admission in the electrical engineering department at Universty of engineering and technology Lahore. I have completed my first year at university and now I want to apply at Stanford for under graduation. So I just wanted to know that am I eligible to apply here. </p>

<p>Any information or advice would be extremely helpful.</p>

<p>From What I know, now you can apply as Transfer student not as a freshman at Stanford.</p>

<p>You an only apply as a transfer. Doesn't matter what system you've done, they will translate your grades accordingly. Don't worry. They've been receiving thousands of applications from the world every year for hundreds of years so they will know how to trwat yur grades, etc.</p>

<p>I think you can apply as a freshman, but you will lose credit for most of your work at UET. Although, sometimes schools like Stanford will allow freshmen to get college credit for a semester's worth of work. Also, go to Stanford thread and ask directly. Do not forget MIT if you are thinking of continuing with EE. Good luck.</p>

<p>By the way, take your TOEFL, SAT and SAT II.</p>

<p>WEll Stanford is going to need your SAT, SAT SUbject Tests and TOEFL scores even if you are applying as a transfer so you will have to take those tests before applying</p>