Considering Community Colleges

<p>Hi guys, i'm gonna need some advice...i've been looking around for information on CCs, and i found that the opportunities that they can give are quite good when one considers my situation. I've been accepted at Wake Forest University, but because of some financial problems, i might not be able to attend...So just in case nothing works out (financially speaking), which community college should i enroll to? My choice has been narrowed down to BMCC, Foothill, and Mt SAC because of their transfer BMCC, i can get a guaranteed transfer to Cornell's AEM major concentrating in Agribusiness (not really a fan of it since i'm looking for a concentration in finance), and if i try to get into another concentration, i'll be regarded as a competitive transfer applicant (no guarantees whatsoever)...i know that Foothill and Mt SAC has agreements with the UC schools (looking at Berkeley's Haas in particular), but i don't have any information about the transfer there like a guarantee if i fulfill requirements? or is it just going to be another competitive transfer? I'm really tired of the anxiety that comes from applying to colleges...when i was accepted by Wake Forest, i thought i was if any of you know any CCs that has a good transfer option to a great school, please give me some info about it...thx in advance</p>

<p>i go to mtsac, so i can help you there. but the other 2 i have no idea but probably follow along the same lines.</p>

<p>mtsac does have agreements with UCs.</p>

<p>TAG = transfer agreement guarantee
this applies to UCI, UCSD, and lower level UC's</p>

<p>TAP = trasfer alliance program
this applies to UCB/UCLA</p>

<p>TAP gives you priority admission over other transfer students. they look at your application more in depth (ive heard a few minutes haha). hwoever TAP is not a guaranteed admission, but those who have TAP'ed to either UCLA or UCB usually always get in. i think the success rate is 90+ percent. but keep in mind students who TAP are usually those who are aware of their surroundings. they graduated honors, have lots of ECs, and are top students. </p>

<p>TAG is a GUARANTEED admission (for now) as long as you fulfill their requirements. if you tag you also get TAG housing, a chance for TAG scholarships, etc.</p>

<p>but for the most part, you shuold always look at yourself as a competitive transfer regardless if its a guarantee or not. SMC (santa monica college) also has one of the top transfer rates to UCs. i think BCC (berkely city college) has an unspoken agreement with UCB (heard by rumor)</p>

<p>the anxiety of applying will come back, no doubt. unless you TAG. but if school budgets keep going down the *****ter, TAG will probably die out. so take advantage of it now :)</p>


<p>hahaha yeah i think you're right...even if it's guaranteed, i should look at it as a competitive transfer...u got into USC right? do they also have agreements? I'm not implying you didn't get in on your own; i'm just curious if there is any kind of deal like TAG or TAP between mt. SAC and USC?</p>

<p>unfortunately, no. USC does not have any agreements with mtsac
as far as i know, USC doesnt haven any agreements with any CC.</p>

<p>but you can still get in regardless, i did :)</p>

<p> i'm really interested in Mt. what are the stats of the students that gets into Berkeley? what kind of scores, classes, ECs do they have? and i'm kind of embarrassed to ask this, but what's "honors"? I'm an international student, so please pardon my ignorance</p>

<p>lol no wrries, we all have to start asking questions at some point.</p>

<p>honors classes are just harder classes that look way better on your application.
to complete the honors program you must finish 6 honors courses.</p>

<p>regarding stats, you should ask here UC</a> Transfers - College Confidential</p>

<p>however, most students who are getting into cal (UCB) are 4.0 students.</p>

<p>if you want to be competitive you need a 3.8 + GPA, all general education finished (IGETC), all major pre-reqs finished (depending on major), and excellent ECs (president of club, started a club, student gov, volunteer, mentor, etc) </p>

<p>most students who are accepted to UCB/UCLA/USC have the above.</p>

<p>im a psychology major and i have a 3.88 GPA, all but 1 GE finished, all major pre-reqs done, and ive conducted/presented my own research at a city wide conference, helped highschool teachers be aware of mtsacs opportunities at a highschool outreach conference and few other irrelevant ones.</p>

<p>keep in mind USC only requires the minimum of 30 units to transfer
UC's require all of IGETC and preferably all of your major pre-reqs. thats 60 units IGETC PLUS "X" amount of units need to finish major pre-reqs.</p>

<p>wow..thx for the detailed reply :) i have another question is common knowledge that you won't have the "traditional" college experience once you transfered regardless from either a 4 year institution or a community college...did you have a hard time getting friends in USC? Obama had a hard time after he transferred to Columbia...the only friend he got then was the one that transferred with him from was your experience?</p>

<p>well i havnt started USC yet, i start in the fall :)
but i dont see me not making any friends, im pretty social. sort of.</p>

<p>and yes it is true that you probably wont have the "traditional" experience. that usually lies in freshman/sophomore year. but that doesnt mean you cant still party, drink, get hang overs, meet great friends, or whatever else defines the "traditional" experience. sadly, going to a CC like mtsac, you will NOT have the same expereince haha.</p>

<p>although social life is available, it is hard to find. but i see myself going to USC, making a LOT of lifelong friends, and most importantly, starting the best years of my life. </p>

<p>as cliche as it is, life is what you make of it</p>