Cool shelf at BBand B

<p>They have a cool shelf that stands at the head of your bed or maybe over a dresser at Bed Bath and Beyond. it has 2 moveable shelves that have some hooks for hanging things and a few other holders for things. They show it with a clip on lamp which would be great for reading in bed. It is a good way to add shelf space without attaching to the wall. It is a bit pricey ($59) but you can use a 20% coupon and save some $.</p>

<p>I was looking at that BBB shelf/rack also, but it's 68" high. I don't think it's allowed based on the rule about 'additionnal free standing storage unit not to exceed 48 inches in height'. It says this for the Cerro Vista Apts, I'm not sure about for the dorms. It's a great idea though.</p>

<p>I had better check that out. It is still in the box. Thanks!</p>