Cool shoes for cropped pants?

I’ve spent hours on Zappos and Amazon, not to mention regular stores. Cannot seem to find a cool, youthful-type of shoe (sandal? cut out bootie?) that I can wear with cropped pants. I’d like something with decent arch support and soft upper.

I’d ideally be able to wear this casually - for errands - as well as perhaps a night out or with pants for work (sort of biz casual).

These are similar to some of the pants I’m trying to coordinate:|bing|Womens|Ankle+Pants_81420000240&msclkid=6b0e733cd58d1d15e2531144df211f21&gclsrc=ds&gclsrc=ds

Appreciate any help!!

Keds like sneakers with no see socks. Ecco makes good ones.

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I bought these allbirds for cropped pants Allbirds Wool Pipers & Reviews, Women's (Natural White) | Low-Top, Cup Sole-Style Sneaker

I will always wear my Birkenstock’s with cropped pants. Gives more of a boho look.

I’m seeing a lot of braided slides this summer Women's Carissa Woven Slide Sandals - A New Day™ : Target

Or a platform sandal, or platform sneaker.

I :heart: shoes, let me know what’s your preference.

If I had lots of :moneybag: i would be tempted by these

Or theseé%2FWomen%2FShoes&color=001


This is my all time favorite sandal to wear with cropped jeans etc.

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Those are great! I had a pair but unfortunately for whatever reason I cannot get vionic’s to work for me. I think it’s the whole size thing. But they were very comfortable and adjustable. They should have worked but the arch support was off. Still I would highly recommend

True! Shoes are so individual. What works for one, can wreck the feet of another! :slight_smile:

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Not good with arch support, but I wear Toms with summer pants. Actually, I wear them year round as I have fleece lined ones too. So many cute patterns…and colors.

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I like Rothy’s in various (extremely comfortable) models if you want something that isn’t sneakers or sandals.

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I wear sandals. If it is not warm enough for sandals, such as in spring and early fall, then I wear flats with cropped pants.

Not sure this kind of sandal is dressy enough for your needs with cropped pants. But they are very comfortable (thick soles, elastic straps) and have surprisingly generated compliments. I bought them a year or two ago via DSW mail order.

Thank you all for the suggestions!! Will check them out. They all look cute and look comfy!

I thought Doc Martin sandals would be fun and youthful - ouch, quite painful, no go!

I did buy these Danskos recently - would they work? I tried them on again, and compared to the others I’ve tried on, maybe they aren’t so bad?


I don’t like sandals. In the summer I wear Toms or the espadrille style Toms which may give you more arch support than the standard ones. I think the closed toe Dansko shoes you bought would change the vibe of the cropped pants look but that might not be a problem (just a different look than a summery shoe). I think a different slip on style, like those canvas shoes from many brands that seem like a cross between a loafer and a sneaker, would work for that style of pants, or a cork wedge.

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LOL - this discussions reminds me of why I often start my wardrobe decisions (including MOB/MOG dress shopping) with “what shoes do I want to wear?”. That’s partly because of my high school gig at Thom McAn shoe store … and a large assortment of comfy and comfy-ish shoes in my closet


Along the lines of the cool shoes @deb922 posted… here is my cool shoe. :slight_smile:


I just bought those in silver to wear in Italy! Very comfortable and cute.


Oops. I thought you meant the other shoe.

Have fun in Italy!

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I’ve been pairing white platform superga sneakers with everything this spring- they look great with cropped pants.


I can’t get my daughter interested in Dansko clogs, which you know have incredible arch support. She has my high arches. She loves her Birks and lives in them, wears them with socks in cold weather. The Beatrice outsole is the next best thing to the clogs. I hope you love them. She will wear them with cropped pants.

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I was going to suggest the same! Super cute. I also like a Gucci type mule with cropped pants.


Thanks for the feedback!

I was also tempted by the platform white sneakers at DSW! Thought they looked cool, a little more dressy than Chucks. Not comfy though!

Bunsen - can I ask where that shoe is from?? Def does look cool!

Yes, Colorado_mom - shoes are key. They are usually the most expensive part of my wardrobe!! :smile:

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