Cornell, Berkeley, WashU, Johns Hopkins? any advice?

<p>the deadline is approaching and i am still confused.....efff</p>

<p>Yes. If you can't figure it out, pick the least expensive.</p>

<p>I would go with Cornell--although Cal is extremely appealing (especially if you can get in-state tuition, although you might get that at Cornell as well). While winters in Ithaca can't be fun, the school has a lot to offer: great academics, campus, etc. Also, the fingerlakes region is gorges.</p>

<p>i have instate at cal..but might get aid from cornell.....not sure..i like cornell better in terms of feel and campus and area...but money is a one has anything to say about washU, jhu?</p>

<p>Have you visited WUSTL and JHU?</p>

<p>yeah i did...jhu was nice.i liked the area better than wash U but i doubt that i get money at jhu..washu said i could probably get money...they had a beautiful campus but not a great area..also ppl didnt really seem to be out ....</p>

<p>Disclaimer: As a JHU '13, I am biased</p>

<p>First, depends on your major. Engineering, then Berkeley or Cornell (though JHU and WashU programs are good too). BME or IR go to Hopkins. Pre-Med (not a major I know), then JHU WashU or Cornell.</p>

<p>Then look at area. Do you want big city urban (JHU and kind of WashU)or smaller city (Cornell, unsure about Berkeley).</p>

<p>Ultimately wherever you go I'm sure you'll be fine. Don't stress, think about how many kids would kill to have those options. All of those school are great and you'll have awesome experiences at all of them. And if you go to one and it's not for you, I'm sure you can transfer almost anywhere coming from those schools with solid grades.</p>

<p>Oh and lest I forget, prestige wise, WashU will not be as prestigious as any of the others anytime soon. </p>

<p>If I were you (again this really depends on major) I would go:
1. Cornell (wouldn't turn down Ivy)
2. JHU
3. Berkely
4. WashU</p>

<p>The deadline is approaching, but you don't know how much each will cost you?</p>

<p>Berkeley is an urban environment.</p>

<p>it's almost May1st and you still don't know what you want?</p>

<p>What will your major be?</p>

<p>I'm not familiar with financial aid these days, but how can you not know what your FA award is in late April... did that get started really late or something?</p>

<p>These are all GREAT choices I would go with the best Financial Aid. All things being equal it would be tough to pass on Cornell. (Cal would be my 2nd choice)</p>

<p>i just found out FA at cornell...they are giving me aid of 11,300 making my parent contribution 31,000.....and mine 10,000 so it is not full price but not quite as cheap as berkeley..jhu gave no aid...washu hasnt answered appeal yet....i am most likely a bio major, if i change i will stick in science i am sure...</p>

<p>sporty -- not sure how $11,300 from Cornell can make it "not quite as cheap"</p>

<p>Cornell: $52,000 - $11,300 = $40,700
Berkeley: $25,000</p>

<p>That's a $63,000 difference over four years.</p>

<p>Berkeley all the way at those prices.</p>

<p>Would you have to take out loans for that $62k? If so, go to FinAid</a>! Financial Aid, College Scholarships and Student Loans, find the loan calculator, plug in the numbers, and see what your 10 years post graduation are going to be like.</p>

<p>mini, I just tried that calculator... splitting the % between the two examples (7.5%), the monthly payment over 10 years for a $63,000 loan is $747 per month.</p>

<p>Assuming a person gets a job paying $45,000 per year out of school, which is about $34,000 after health insurance and taxes are taken out, the $747 is about 25% of a person's take-home after tax earnings.</p>

<p>And that's rather ridiculous. 10% is the norm; 15% at the outside is what most folks can reasonably afford to pay. (and just try to save for a downpayment on a house, or future graduate school, with that hanging around your neck.)</p>

<p>Because we know this student is close to full pay - actually interest is more likely to be between 8.2% and 11%, and interest will have to be paid while he is in school.</p>

<p>Yeah all things considered, you gotta go with Cornell</p>

<p>The best choices on your list for a Bio major would be Berkeley and JHU. Since you have in-state tuition, you should go to Cal.</p>

<p>Go with either Cal or Cornell. No need to spend more on JHU or WashU, though they are both fantastic schools.</p>

<p>Cornell will be slightly cheaper with the FA and Cal will be a bargain being instate.</p>