Cornell Class of 2026 Transfer Option

In a YouTube video , I heard that IF the TO works out, the student’s freshman year credits gets transferred to Cornell but not the GPA and that they start afresh / with a blank slate at Cornell as far as GPA is considered. Does this put them at a disadvantage for internships etc?

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That would be a good question for the advisor assigned to the TO’s.

Cornell has been doing the TO program for many years so presumably the transition has been successfully implemented - internships etc. included.

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I know this has been asked a lot before but…

Do you know happen to know if CoE gives TOs to the waitlist applicants too? Tia.

has anyone from cas been offered the transfer option?

I don’t think so

DD22 just got dyson TO offer today!

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Does not work for me - what is the discord invite link? Thx

Hey guys! I’m a Cornell TO ‘26 to ILR and I was wondering if someone can send the link to the discord/any social media forums and chats related to 2026 TOs :). Thanks!