Cornell Class of 2026 Transfer Option

Hi - our son has been given a Transfer Option to Cornell ILR (Industrial Labor Relations).

Creating this thread to discuss/share info.

During the last couple of years, the TO means students go to a different US college and take a prescribed slate of classes, and if they get a minimum GPA (3.0 or 3.3) then they are automatically enrolled Sophomore year.

Wondering whether this year will be the same - or different — maybe there will be an
option to start in January due to eg new dorms opening or lower yield ##s etc.?


Didn’t the offer come with details about requirements (macro/micro)?

I would be very surprised if it is changing. ILR yield has been around 80% in recent years, and first-year retention is basically 100%. A lot of the dorm expansion is being soaked up by sophomores, who as of next year are required to live in university housing. I think the class of 2026 is supposed to be only 150 or students larger than the class of 2025.

ILR and CALS accept lot of transfer-option, community college, and traditional transfers from 4-year colleges; it’s very much a part of their culture and something they take pride in. Good luck and congratulations.


D22 was waitlisted. Random decisions! Good luck to all the admitted students!

Thank you.

No - tonight’s letter was brief with no specifics. Says ILR not able to offer you fall 2022 but has decided to offer you an option to transfer to Cornell after studying at another institution.

Details will follow but does not even say when…

Here is some information from some previous TOs. I hope you find it useful. We were struggling quite a bit for information about the option last year.


Thank you so much! Very helpful.


just to add the recent communication from ILR for the guys with TO to transfer this fall. I think it’s quite an affirmative statement.
If you have met the TO requirements, you will be admitted.


Thank you this is great info - and yes, we are aware of the new curriculum coming to ILR and wondering how it will shape the requirements of the 2026 ILR TO class during their Freshman year elsewhere.

I also got Transfer Option from ILR yesterday, and I wonder if I need to join Cornell after freshman year or can I join even after two years in another institution?

I don’t think there is an option to enroll two years later. It’s only deferred for a year, not earlier, not later.

Thanks for all this info. My son has TO for ILR. McGill is his second choice. Follow up email says school has to be in US. Hoping there is some wiggle room here. Would appreciate any insight. Calling next week but I think its spring break.

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In the Cornell '24 TO Facebook group, I saw two students were transferring with TO from McGill and one from UBC last year. It appears OK at least by then. You may want to reach out to the TO coordinator at ILR for confirmation. I heard that he had been very responsive.

Ian Schachner (

My daughter also received TO for ILR. There is a You Tube video from a Cornell student (class of 2024) who has been through the process. Her video is so helpful. My daughter reached out to her and she was very supportive and said the process is not difficult at all.

My daughter is attempting to connect with other TO students so once she gets the group started I will have her post the info here for the other students listed above.

Congratulations to all


There is a discord student group for Cornell TO 2026. The server code is GyvQYHt5

Best wishes to all

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Hi on which platform?

Does anyone know why ILR waitlists some and gives guaranteed TO to some? Which is better? Can waitlist turn into TO? Just trying to get some info. Confused on the real difference/why they would have both.


That happens to other schools, like CALS, as well. IMO, a TO is better than waitlist if Cornell is your first choice. Last year, only 24 lucky people got off the waitlist offered to 7,746 students. A TO almost guarantees you a spot at Cornell the next fall as long as you meet the basic requirements. Some waitlisted people may also receive TO, again the chance is not so high. My son was rejected from the waitlist in the middle of last June. A day or two later, there was an email offering him a TO. He is now deciding if he will take it or not for this fall.

Hi - D22 got a Cornell ( ILR) TO option today. Admissions says she will get communication from the college with details. We are trying to learn more about what it means and looking up this thread to get the context as well. Really appreciate the FAQ that was put out. It was helpful. If opted, is TO decision binding?

Hi - no, it is not binding. It is not guaranteed either - since in order to transfer you have to complete a couple of classes and get a 3.3 GPA your freshman year elsewhere.


Has anyone seen any stats on TO from previous years? Do we know if anyone who met the requirements has been rejected?