Cornell Class of 2027 Official Thread

I completely agree. Looking at the college results posts from time to time, I’ve noticed a boost in first generation and low-income students being admitted to elite institutions. As you mention, in some cases, those students happen to be URM. But not always. I’m constantly having to fight the same fight.


Right. I think even the schools think URM and FGLI are synonymous. My son got invited to so many FGLI events from top schools and even Questbridge but he would be a 4th Gen College student this fall and we don’t ever qualify for need-based aid so I stopped applying for it after my first son didn’t get much a few years ago but then Fordham gave us a huge need based grant so I’m glad I started again with this second kid. ETA: I think cause now we would have two kids in college at the same time.


That’s great that Fordham came through for you like that. You just never know! We’ll have two in college next year as well and it’s going to hurt! Trying not to get emotionally attached to any schools until all offers are on the table. Then we’ll decide. These costs and what we’re expected to pay are laughable.


No, my daughter got a likely letter 2 days ago and a notification of being Milstein finalist. She did not open in the beginning and read it all, because we had never heard of likely letters LOL… but nothing about financial aid

fordham is definitely great for financial aid, they gave me 60k/yr - my best financial offer so far


this is what the likely letter said:

"Dear XYZ,

Your application to Cornell University has been reviewed by the admissions selection committee and I am pleased to inform you that you will be offered admission to Cornell University. Although the Ivy League schools won’t officially notify students of their admission decisions until the end of the month, we wanted to share this good news with you now.

I hope this advance notice of your admission to Cornell will encourage you to learn more about this extraordinary institution. We will be reaching out in the coming weeks to invite you to take advantage of opportunities to connect, ask questions, and learn more, so that you can begin to see yourself as part of the Cornell community and consider all of the meaningful ways you can contribute as a student here.

If you are in need of financial assistance to attend Cornell, and you have not already done so, we encourage you to complete and submit your Cornell financial aid application as soon as possible. We have financial aid outreach specialists who are willing and available to assist you. Please feel free to email any questions you may have about financial aid to

Additionally, you are welcome to explore diversity resources and student life at Cornell. If you have any questions and/or concerns, the Diversity Outreach Team would love to hear from you. Please feel free to email if we can be of assistance.

Please accept my congratulations on your acceptance to Cornell and your many achievements! I wish you the very best as you complete your senior year, and I look forward to the possibility of welcoming you to campus and to our community as a future Cornellian."

and then the signature at the end. it’s like they’re taking the “likely” out likely letters lol


CSS sent me an email saying schools need some information. I already uploaded. So I contacted Cornell financial aid 10 days ago. Yesterday, finally, the manager from office of financial aid and student employment replied saying that my file wa complete. I went to website and I only saw 2024.

So confused about this. Anyone had this experience?

Congrats to those who got likely letters.
While I appreciate the comments about “don’t fret if you didn’t” … fretting is occurring :slightly_frowning_face:

Does anyone know if the school of AAP (art architecture and planning) does likely letters?


I was wondering if all applicants were able to open this link:

Its a 2027 shirt for Cornell admits. I’m able to see " Coming Soon!

Welcome Cornell Class of 2027. Check this page again soon to get a free Class of 2027 tee shirt!" Along with a red shirt. Can anyone else see this?


I’m pretty sure everyone is able to access this page


Yes, we have the option to see it too. I doubt it means anything.

If it can be opened from any device, which it can be, it has no significance.


Most likely letters go to athletes. I got one from Cornell and a call from the college football coach back in the day about a month before final letters were sent out. I am sure there are others that get them too but not sure the criteria. My D hasn’t heard a peep but they did ask for some last minute financial aid info this month. Not sure it that means anything. Probably just random.


Does Cornell do a waistlist system or get admitted in the Spring?

They do have a Spring admissions program (but not for Engineering or Dyson) - and they also have a program in NYS where you are granted automatic transfer to Cornell insophmore year (if grades are kept up). There were 3 kids in our district last year who were given this option, and they are attending SUNY Binghamton for their freshman year with a guaranteed transfer to Cornell in Fall of 2023.

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So, I can find Student Center under the Financial Aid section in People Soft for Cornell. Under Demographic Info, my daughter is assigned a student number- which is not her applicant number in the applicant portal. I can only view this in the browser on my phone. Does everyone have this?

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I have one too but it probably doesn’t mean much

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where do you see demographic info?

Can you see “View financial aid” and “Accept/decline aid” under her student center?

I saw “inquiry access denied”