Cornell ED Class of 2025 Discussion Thread

Hi everyone! It’s already September and we don’t have a thread yet, so I thought I’d go ahead and make one. Good luck to all the seniors applying early decision to Cornell.


How’s it going?
Not exactly in the same boat as all of you meddling kids, I am active duty Marine Corps applying ED class of 2025. 21 years old, currently deployed overseas.

Applying to College of Arts and Sciences to study Chem. Anyone else?

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Applied ED to ILR. Will the checklist be shown only after the deadline has passed?

My daughter has checked portal a few times (including this morning). It still says they will send an email with instructions when the checklist is available.

My son applies for ED and financial aid; and he can check the checklist now. However, there is no information about CSS and SAT (both submitted well before the deadline, from CB).

How can we confirm the CSS is received?

Can my counselor submit my mid year report after the deadline?

Where are you from? I am ED ILR also. Good luck to us!

Im not seeing my test scores on the application checklist. Does anyone else see theirs if they had submitted them?

I submitted my test score too but it also did not appear in the checklist.


Applying for CS at CAS

Hi everyone! Applied ED to CHE. Does Cornell require us to send in first-quarter grades?

I applied to Medical Anthropology at CAS. Good luck to all the HS seniors who applied!

I also applied to CS at CAS it sucks waiting now

Hey! I’m also applying CHE, what major are u applying as?

I can’t help but wonder if decisions are going to come out later though. I know it still says mid-December on the website, but they did miss 16 days of application reading from pushing the deadline.

Also, @cornellfanlol I’m applying to the Fashion Design and Management program!

hi yall i applied ED for SHA :slight_smile: good luck to all of us!!

@purplecards09 i don’t think so

also applied to CAS for CS :slight_smile: got an email for an alumni meeting too on sunday!!

Hey y’all, Cornell Simp Lord here, applied ED to HumEc, Healthcare Policy! :slight_smile: Best of luck to everyone!