Cornell Human Ecology transfer

I am thinking of applying to the College of Human Ecology as a junior transfer. I graduated from the Borough of Manhattan Community College in 2021 and applied to both Cornell’s ILR & Hotel school for spring ‘22 & fall ‘22 and was rejected from both. Now I have decided to attend Baruch College for a semester and apply to the HumEco school for spring ‘23. What are my chances of getting in?

I had a 3.92 GPA when I applied to Cornell, I am a resident of NY & I got into UVA and Columbia but was rejected from Cornell twice.

If you want to reapply that is your choice. Here are a few things to consider:
– If you were rejected last year it is highly unlikely that you will be accepted a semester later (and I understand you plan to apply to a different school within the university).
–Most colleges require that you take at least half of the credits needed to graduate at their institution.
–In earlier posts you expressed an interest in business – I don’t know how the School of Human Ecology would suit your needs.

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Most of the Cornell grads go to IBs including ILR and Hotel School.

“Most of the Cornell grads go to IBs” is not true. As I said on other post those jobs are few and far between.

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Any jobs are hard to get if not qualified. I know three people from the ILR School and one from the Hotel school recruited by big IBs. Cornell is one of the feeder schools for IB and the most competent students get the interviews. From there it’s up to the student to secure a job/an internship. I understand getting into IB is not easy, but there are target schools that send lots of students to IB where non-target students don’t even get to the interview. I hope you understand.

I don’t think your chances are good at Cornell after having been not selected twice for admissions. All Cornell schools will have your prior applications.

Here are the transfer requirements for each Human Ecology major, would you meet the requirements for the major you would apply for?Required preparatory college courses for transfers | Admissions | Cornell College of Human Ecology

You would also need to spend 4 full semesters at Cornell should you be accepted, so that would be expensive in both time and money by requiring you to attend college an extra semester. From Cornell’s website:

Cornell discourages potential transfer students from applying if they are currently completing their junior year at a four-year college or university. In most cases, Cornell will only allow a maximum of 60 credits to transfer. For students who have completed three years of coursework, a significant number of course credits could be lost in the transfer process thus extending the completion time to graduate. Can I transfer to Cornell in my junior year from another college? - Frequently Asked Questions

Lastly, many summer of 2023 post-junior year IB analyst internships have already been filled. The most of the rest will be filled this Fall, so I’m not sure how you would be able to get an internship for next summer even if you were accepted into Human Ecology for spring 2023.

Although not an IB target school, Baruch places many students into banking each year. Please focus on getting a summer 2023 internship, or even school year internship, once you are there in the Fall, rather than trying to transfer. Good luck.


You are a college student set on the idea that Cornell- any Cornell school - is your ticket to Wall St.@happy1 and @Mwfan1921 are long-time adult posters with a lot of relevant, real-world experience. I recommend that you go re-read their posts, this time with a little more openness to the merits of their perspectives, and a little less certainty that your only/best way to IB is through Cornell.

  1. We will have to agree to disagree about the ease of getting an IB job if you were to graduate from Cornell.
  2. Your friends went to ILR and Hotel Management and you asked about Human Ecology.
  3. It is all a moot point unless you get into Cornell. Since you were rejected recently I think the odds of acceptance next semester are not high but apply again if you like.
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