Cornell Regular Decision Fall 2022 Admissions

Cornell applicants for Fall 2022 – this is the spot for the future Class of 2026 to connect with other Cornell applicants and share stats, news or admissions updates.

How does your application compare to students admitted last year? Take a look at the info below and then share your stats, activities and more.

Cornell 2021 Admitted Student Statistics
Admitted Students in Top 10% of Graduating Class 83%
Admissions Test Policy Test scores are considered and required
Applicants Submitting SATs 71%
Applicants Submitting ACTs 41%
Waitlist Yes

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Hello, any applicants?

Yes, my daughter has applied RD.

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Yes - my D22 applied RD also.


S22 RD - math/College of Arts-Science.

Sees the same names in many threads,
should be interesting what colleges choose our children, and in the end, which college our children chooses.

Maybe it can be set up kinda like High School wrestling:
a wrestler in each weight class, or we line up all these T20 colleges.
Then each kid put in their ticket for their #1.
Whichever college has more than 1 ticket, ie. if there’s 2 wrestlers in the 145# weight class, then the 2 kids would then wrestle off.



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The waiting period is killing me. I am more anxious than my own child. :joy:


Ha ha! Yes, a lot of the same names on many forums :grinning:

Best wishes to all the kids. May they all end up where they are happy.


My son has applied. It is more or less a reach for him, as his stats are a little lower than median, but not out of the question. Question: a business associate of my husband has offered to write him a letter of recommendation (he is an alum). I checked the admissions website and it is possible to upload additional documents such as this after the application deadline. Does anyone think it could help?

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Yeah, it’s like I’m being followed. Or am I following… :thinking:

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It depends. Does this business associate know your son well? In what capacity does he know him? If he has been an employer, mentor, research advisor, etc. to your son - i.e. he can speak from first hand experience about a specific aspect of your son’s abilities and/or achievements that would not already be covered by the teacher LORs, then yes it can help.
But if not, then no.

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No, he really doesn’t know him well. Probably not worth it then.

Yes, a generic letter will not help (and the fact that he’s an alum carries no weight). AOs are overloaded and they really don’t want to read an additional document if it’s not going to be worth their time.


has anyone got interview notice from Cornell yet? CAS applicant here.

Did you request an interview through their website?

Note that the interview is informational, not evaluative. That means its only purpose is to answer any questions you have about the college or program - it has no bearing on your admission decision.


yes, I did and it’s in an hour

Good luck

No, wasn’t sure if Cornell has alumni interviews

If you want to have an interview you need to request it through your application portal.
But as I stated above, it’s an informational - not evaluative - interview.

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