Cornell SHA RD 2025

Hi guys, just making a thread for the people applying to SHA RD 2025 class

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I wonder how many ppl applied this year RD

Thanks for creating this. Let’s hope for good news

Definitely more than last year but I think a lot of people lack real hospitality experience ie. working at a restaurant or hotel especially with COVID. Im sure people can get in without it, but I bet they gotta work extra hard to show fit.

Yeah, I know I am definelty not going to get in. I have a 3.66UW GPA and not much hospitality experience but I think my essay was pretty good.

Also, if anyone receives a likely letter, please post here!

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has anyone received likely letters?

Last year they came at March 5th and March 4th 2 years back

Good luck everyone! What other schools did you apply to for hotel administration or hospitality management?

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I received an email saying that I got in!


Congrats! When did you receive the letter?

Congratulations! My daughter received an acceptance email tonight as well.


I got the email at around 5:30 pm. Definitely caught me off guard!


My daughter received her acceptance email today. We’ve been yammering on for hours about how excited we are. Congrats to all the future Hotelies here!


Are all SHA decisions released now or can they still be coming???

I believe they will be coming in for a couple more days like they did last year.

Thanks. So not released in ivy day? They’ll all be before that for SHA?

Has everyone that heard back in this first wave gotten in?

Yes. Same for ILR.