Cornell vs Emory

I was accepted to Cornell’s communication major and while it’s my ideal program, it’s apparently not well-connected in the marketing/comms field. At Emory, I’d double major in english and biz which i’m a bit less interested in, but I’d get the biz school’s connections and career resources. Emory is also smaller and sounds more liberal-artsy which appeals to me. Btw, the difference in prestige of the overall schools doesn’t matter to my decision.

I’d also appreciate any info on the quality of student life at each! I’ve heard Emory is more collaborative, and less pretentious and cuthroat than Cornell but I don’t want to rely on rumors. I’m also not worried about personally getting overcommitted and miserable, but it’d be just as bad to feel surrounded by people who are. So please share if you have insight as to what students at either are like!!

Regarding “pretentious & cutthroat”, I think that you are misinformed.

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I had a feeling it was an overgeneralization—thanks for the insight!!

Ouch … I thought Cornell was hard, but people bonded through experiencing the rigor. And I don’t think it’s my Stockholm syndrome talking …
It’s hard because the student body is awesome so the material can be presented at a very high (deep) level and the amount of work assigned according to that ==> I felt education that we got was excellent.

That makes me feel a lot better! I’m definitely down for the challenge and love being motivated by the people around me so it sounds like a good situation

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