Cornell Waitlist Class of 2024

Hey everyone
Since nobody has made the thread I will make one here.
This is a thread for all people who were waitlisted from Cornell. If you were, comment down below and say what school at Cornell waitlisted you and what thoughts do you have on how the waitlist process would go.

Good luck everyone

Waitlisted - CAS

my son CAS waitlisted


My D waitlisted ILR.

Any idea at what timeline we should start hearing back the decision?

Does anyone know if most or many on the waitlist will be offered the TO eventually if they don’t get picked off wait list? Thanks.

Waitlisted CALS - not sure what I’m going to do but most likely going to attend WashU. I guess I’ll decide later whether or not to pursue the offer.

My son was waitlisted for CoE.

waitlisted engineering :frowning:

Waitlisted CAS. Has anyone heard about Cornell releasing waitlists earlier this year? I’ve seen a few people already accepted off UChicago and Yale’s waitlists on reddit.

have people sent their letter of continue interest yet

Waitlisted by Human Ecology

wish I got the waitlist instead of TO! is there a way I can appeal for waitlist?

Waitlisted - Engineering

@FallAutumnLeaf I submitted mine yesterday

I submitted mine the other day as well. My grade report won’t be ready for another week.

@lukamga, @lightningzoom Who did you address your LOCI to? And did you submit it through the portal?

@esti28 I just wrote Dear Admissions Committee, if that’s what you mean. I was kind of confused about that to, but in the end, I submitted mine as a “Waitlist Correspondence” on the portal.

I just sent mine. Does anyone know how many more letters should I send?

Does anyone know where teachers should submit their additional letters of recc?

I think they said they don’t want any more recs