Cornell Waitlist Class of 2025

IDK if I’m allowed to do this, but I didn’t see a waitlist thread so I’m making one. Does anyone know how many people got waitlisted, and how the waitlist typically goes for ILR applicants? Thanks.


^wondering the same thing

whats ilr?

do we have to send final grades…

does anyone know how we increase our chances of getting off?

Waitlisted SHA. If you go back to the waitlist thread for last year you can get a pretty good idea of how it goes. I didn’t see much for ILR but i also didn’t read all the way down. Definitely read that if you’re interested

Also every college will want your final grades. Cornell will take new ones as they become available for waitlisted students.

yes but do you have to send them before they are finalized

I don’t think it’s a requirement, just a strong suggestion

“ You are welcome to submit any updates to your application. We are particularly interested in receiving new grade reports…”

I also got waitlisted from SHA :frowning: will you write an email of continued interest? If so, are you emailing or submitting in the portal?

Official response from Cornell —"We are not able to estimate your chances for admission at this time. However, over the past five years, an average of 2,500 applicants a year have confirmed a place on Cornell University’s wait list. During this time, we have admitted as many as 168 students (and as few as 61) from the wait list.----
About the Wait List | Undergraduate Admissions)%20from%20the%20wait%20list.

Can we submit additional letters of rec?

Is anyone waitlisted by AAP?

Does anyone know how transcript updates should be sent to Cornell? It says on the portal that it should be sent directly by my school, but my school is requesting an email they can send the transcript to. Anyone know what that email might be?