Cornell Waitlist Class of 2025

I received the TO today at 5:10 am Pacific time after being rejected on 6/25.

Received TO from HumEc today 5:10 am PST.

Are you required to accept the TO by a deadline date? If so, when? Thank you!

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Yes there is an interest form to be submitted by 7/18

late but I got rejected off waitlist here for engineering!!! UCSD is great tho, I’m super happy with where im going

Hi, transfer option guys- did you hear back from admission team? their email back in June says ‘You’ll be queued up to receive important updates from us beginning in August of this year (you won’t hear from us before this time), including course information and a guide to making an appointment with one of our admission counselors.’

So has anyone made an appointment with admission counselor ?


Hi, We have got the transfer option for CALS, have you heard anything back from them since then?

@moma23 I got the transfer option for CAS but haven’t heard anything from them since the initial reply form. I’m wondering if anyone has heard from them.

When in December should we expect to receive the application? Beginning, middle, end?

One of the faculty said middle of December but i haven’t gotten anything. Has anyone gotten the application?

My daughter just got TO for Cornell . Just curious to know if any of you guys tried and how is the experience?

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My son got his TO in the middle of June last year. He will transfer from USC to Cornell this fall. The process is very straightforward without any drama. In the 25 TO student discord group, I only saw two guys didn’t get in somehow. One of them didn’t meet the requirements. It’s a good option to have, while leaving the first college, especially the firends, could be also a difficult decision to make. Your daughter can check the Cornell website to find out the required courses and grades, and make sure she gets those done in her first year. Good luck to her!

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