Cornell Waitlist Class of 2025

Love the school you committed to and if you get off the waitlist then consider it a pleasant surprise. It appears a lot of schools hit their targets so it’ll be interesting to see how things shake out with the Ivies and if they also hit theirs but there’s been very little WL movement otherwise.

contacted aap admissions to find out about current waitlist status for their fine art program - got this response. certain, that this is the outlook at most colleges:
We will, most likely, not know about waitlist activity until next Monday, May 10! We will be sure to keep you updated.

hate this wait

Thank you for the updates for AAP, I’m on the AAP waitlist as well

Anyone on the waitlist for the College of Engineering? On the waitlist for CS at College of Engineering.

How about CAS? Anyone contacted the AO? Would appreciate if you could share any updates received.

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My son did as well for CS. Good luck!

Good luck to your son as well. The wait is the worst!

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There is not a lot of info on the internet regarding the SHA waitlist for previous years, does anyone have anything of the sort or know how it is supposed to change for this year

My son is also CS in college of Engineering. Good luck to you!

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I’m on the engineering waitlist as well.

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anyone want to take one for the team and call the admissions office to ask abt waitlist for other schools


I called the general admissions office for a different reason on Monday, and we were talking and the lady mentioned that CAS is “busy” reviewing waitlisted applications, so there’s that.


hm okay so looks like cas is going to have some movement on the waitlist soonish

Just called dyson admissions. The lady said that they are still waiting for the dust to settle down and they will have more information next week. She also mentioned that they’ll decided whether or not to even use the waitlist next week (it sounds to me that the class is pretty filled up). But when I asked if this meant that the class is pretty full she said that they don’t know yet but then she said that it’s quite typical for this because they usually don’t know about waitlist activity so soon after commitment day.


Thank you! Hope there are good news before the weekend.

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did you get a TO?

Sorry if I sound stupid but what’s a TO?

transfer option

haha no worries, a transfer option. they emailed me saying that they’d extend a transfer option for fall 2022 for me if i didn’t get off the waitlist for dyson this year I was wondering if anyone else got an email like that too

Nope, when was the email sent. By transfer option does it mean that they are guaranteeing you a spot for next year?