Coronat scholars notification

<p>Does anyone know when Coronat scholarship applications will be sent out? I applied to the Syracuse CAS regular decision, and I feel like my stats at least make me competitive for the scholarship (2290 SAT + 35 ACT one sitting, 98+ UW GPA, AP's, community service, etc.). The official website says "If invited, students will be asked to submit a separate essay-based application, due in February." These should be coming soon, no? Has anyone received theirs yet?</p>

<p>Hey, ChadBroChil17 --</p>

<p>My D is waiting/hoping for an invitation as well. We haven't been able to locate any info. on this year's dateline, but I believe last year's invitations came out around Valentine's Day. Good luck!</p>

<p>My son received his offer to apply for Coronat scholarship today. Good luck...more essays! He is leaning toward Georgetown SFS, but the scholarship would make it interesting.</p>

<p>I just received my application as well, woohoo! ...and holy crap is there a lot of writing. My dream school is Caltech, but like you said, a full ride to Syracuse would be very hard to pass up. Anyway, good luck to everyone else who got their invitations as well... Anyone mind sharing whether they got an invitation?</p>