Coronavirus in New Mexico

The Public Educations Dept (PED) in Santa Fe has announced that all public schools will close for 3 weeks starting Monday.

Starting tonight, all events scheduled at Popejoy Hall on UNM campus have been cancelled until the end of April.

The Governor has banned all groups larger than 250 from meeting.

I wouldn’t be surprised if UNM announces a cancellation of all in-person classes in the few days.

Stay tuned.

FYI similar policies announced in Ohio today, but our group number is 100. Does NM have any COVID 19 cases? We have a few.

Daughter already has a couple of good in-state options but remains intrigued by UNM. However, there’s no way that she’ll make a decision to attend without a visit!

Still hoping we can visit the campus & the surrounding area, even if it means just walking around the empty campus. Luckily it’s a fairly quick flight for us, but like everyone else, I sure feel like everything’s up in the air & unsure of how to proceed with plans.

As of this evening, NM has 6 confirmed Coronavirus cases, including 2 in Bernalillo County (Albuquerque) and 2 in Santa Fe County.

UNM has set up a dedicated webpage for campus Coronavirus updates here:

Plans are being developed to move some or all classes to an on-line format beginning after spring break.

In the meantime, students are being asked NOT to travel to areas where there is known community transmission of Covid-19 during their spring break.

NM Tech has announced that it's extending its spring break until March 30.

Eastern NM University which is currently on spring break, will extend spring break until March 23.

St. John's College Santa Fe will be transitioning to on-line only instruction when students return from spring break on March 16. 

BTW, I was wrong–the maximum gathering size is 100, not 250.

UNM has extended its spring break until April 5.

All UNM classes will be online for the rest of the term.