COSMOS 2015 Thread

<p>For COSMOS applicants and stuff (:</p>

<p>I'm a sophomore, and I'm probably going to apply to UC Davis or UC Irvine (hopefully my parents will let me go to Irvine, since they have better clusters in the stuff I'm interested in).</p>

<p>…nobody? No COSMOS hopefuls?</p>


<p>Thanks for starting this thread. Future applicant, and so excited!</p>

<p>I am too! I can’t wait until the applications come out… Which campus are you thinking of applying to?</p>

<p>At this point, pretty much all the campuses seem really fun to me; although Davis’s course selection isn’t the most ideal. </p>

<p>My Stats:
Sophomore; very competitive Bay Area high school
UW GPA (probable; by the end of first semester): 3.84
Honors Classes: H. English 9, H. English 10, H. Algebra II/Trig, H. Precalculus, H. Biology, H. Chemistry
Other math/science classes: Intro to Engineering Design
PSAT: 216 (CR: 70, M: 75, W: 71; I don’t know if I’ll have a chance to put that down though?)
SAT II: Bio E (770)</p>

Math/Science Competitions Teacher: 10 (this is my only math/science one since eighth grade, really, since it’s really hard to get into the science teams at my school; so it might be the only EC I put down)
MUN: 9, 10
Literary Magazine at middle school: 8: staff member; 9: assistant editor; 10: editor
Colorguard/Winterguard: 10
NHD: 8, 10</p>

<p>I want to apply to UC Irvine, since I am in love with their clusters. You have really wonderful stats</p>

<p>@Kelvin82 Which clusters? Irvine is my first choice as well; I want to apply to Astronomy and Astrophysics as well as Big Bang and the Subatomic World.</p>

<p>Biomedical Sciences and Biology of Oceans and Estuaries.</p>

<p>That’s pretty cool. I was also thinking about going to UCSD for their climate science clusters, before I realized that the one I wanted to do most required swimming certification that I probably wouldn’t past (the farthest I’ve ever swam is 200 yards, but it requires a minimum distance of 400; there goes that campus).</p>

<p>Thanks! Your clusters sound fun; do you like astronomy? I really like marine biology, so I thought that the Oceans and Estuaries course would be interesting. :smiley: </p>

<p>Yeah, I really like astronomy and astrophysics and quantum physics. Basically, I like learning about how the universe works. I’m actually in the process of convincing my parents to let me take an astronomy class at the CC second semester (they think it’ll be too much work, but I disagree; last time I took a CC class, I ended up with a 97 because it was absurdly easy).</p>

<p>Hey, I’m a sophomore as well! I’ll be applying to either UC Irvine or UCSD. None of the clusters in any of the campuses really match my interests (neuroscience), but my parents are forcing me to apply to COSMOS. Oh well. </p>

<p>@photogeek8 Have fun with that xD If I were applying to clusters not in the physics area, it would be to UCSD’s environmental ones… They have some really cool ones on biofuels and climate change.</p>

<p>I went to UCSD COSMOS last year! I was in cluster 6, biodiesel from renewable sources.</p>

<p>Dsi411, did you receive substantial financial aid from COSMOS?</p>

<p>@Kelvin82‌ Yes, I actually just sent a copy of my reduced lunch letter and I got completely free tuition! It was pretty great!</p>

<p>Wow! That’s wonderful! I was sketchy on the amount of financial aid COSMOS gave, so thank you for responding.</p>

<p>Haha, I probably won’t get any financial aid anyways (my family’s income is ~100k, which isn’t particularly high–in fact, it’s on the low side for where I live, since the median income is 160k–but it’s too high to get financial aid for anything). </p>

<p>Oh well. </p>

<p>@dsi411 How was the biodiesel cluster? I am thinking about applying to that and the red blood cell cluster</p>

<p>Applying to UCSD COSMOS
Cluster 7 first choice, cluster 6 second choice</p>

<p>My stats:
Year: sophomore/class of 2017
male, Asian
School: same as topaz1116, competitive bay area high school, probably not the same one, though
GPA unweighted: 4.00 or 3.92 depending on what I get in English this semester
Classes–Geometry/Algebra2H, Biology 1AC, Algebra2/TrigH, Chemistry H (school offers advanced, not honors english classes), other STEM classes: Functional Programming (prereq to AP Compsci)
Standardized test scores: SAT Biology M–800
no PSAT, SAT or ACT (school prohibited me from taking PSAT this year QQ)</p>

<p>Extracurricular activities:
Violin 7 yrs (4-10), youth symphony for 3 years in first violin (7, 8, 9, 10)
Swim team 4 years (nothing much else to write here–I was in JV last year) (7, 8, 9, 10)
school research, science and innovation club (9, 10)
Chinese school (not sure if this counts as extracurricular) 7 years </p>

<p>Oh well, the chances of getting in also depend on how well the short answer and statement of interest are written</p>