Cosmos '21

Does anyone else’s acceptance packet still say “not received” even though they turned it in?

Yes, on the UCD portal

Wasn’t the waitlist supposed to come out today? I still haven’t gotten anything and my portal says waitlist.

They said on or after 4/23 so we’ll prbly have to wait a bit

Did anyone get off the waitlist?

I just got off the waitlist at UCI!


Aye congrats!

I haven’t heard from UCSD yet. It might be better to give up this year…

Hi there, I am a junior and got into UCSD autonomous driving. Anyone in this cluster? I got in last year but canceled.

I also got accepted into Boston University RISE Practicum program. Trying to decide what to do.

Any suggestions?

BU RISE is definitely more privileged in my opinion.

I just got off the waitlist today!! Is anyone else attending cluster 8 at ucsc?


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