Cosmos ‘22

Hi guys! Didn’t see a thread for COSMOS this year so I thought I’d make one:) also for anyone who’s been to cosmos before, can you give me like a day in the life of cosmos? And like what is working on the projects like?

Not a COSMOS alumni but prospective applicant. Anyone know how competitive UCSC Cluster 9 is? (The Building Blocks of Life: Molecules and Cells in Biology)


i did cosmos last year which was virtual, but its essentially the same format as in-person (i believe)

there’s a discovery lecture in the morning that everyone goes to in your campus, and then you spend the rest of the day with ur cluster. various campus-wide activities/events are also held. the last week is for the final project, which will be presented on the very last day for ALL clusters. you have a professor who leads your cluster, and there are a few TA (teacher assistants) who help out on teaching.

on average, the acceptance rate for clusters usually around 20%. any cluster listed as “First choice cluster only” on the website, or “Prerequisites required” are usually more competitive (closer to 10%)

Thanks! Couple more questions that you might or might not be able to answer:

  1. how in depth is the project? I imagine that it’s kinda hard to get a solid research project done in a month…
  2. would you recommend that I try and apply to a less competitive cluster that I don’t really want to do as much, or a more competitive one that’s my first choice, but I might not get into it.

Hi! I had a question about the acceptance rates for each college

Hey! I dont think theres anyway to actually confirm but at the info session the people said that its around 20% but it varies widely from cluster to cluster rather than the school. Someone in last year’s discussion forum said ucsc and ucd were around 15% and ucsd was around 25%. Not sure about uci.

oh ok! Thanks! Do yk how good the Music and Technology cluster is? I was planning on putting an application for that :slight_smile:

COSMOS is only open to California residents for 2022.

Hey! I’m planning on applying to USCD’s Cluster 7 (Synthetic Biology). It’s a first-choice-only cluster, and I’ve heard those can get quite competitive. Does anyone happen to know last year’s acceptance rate?

My second choice will probably be Cluster 9 (Music and Technology), but I’ve heard that people rarely get into second-choice clusters.

Any tips? I can only pray that the teachers I asked will write decent rec letters…

Hey! I don’t think i can answer that question… I have no idea what the cluster acceptance rates are