<p>Hey Guys, any idea on counselling in India? I live in Bangalore</p>

<p>Check out Princeton Review if you have it in Bangalore.</p>

<p>Honestly, PR and such are overrated. One of my friends did choose PR in New Delhi and experience was, verbatim, "miserable." Of course, this may be an isolated incident, but you can always explore the plethora of free and amazing resources online. College Confidential is one of them. Here's a tip I use often:</p>

<p>In the google search bar, type:</p>

[quote] <...>


Replace the <...> with any college related inquiry you might have. This way, google can search through all of CC's threads to give you relevant results.</p>

<p>Well, honestly, counselling is NOT worth it. Online stuff is MORE informative and is more inclined towards the newer trends.</p>