course question to be answered asap

<p>So, this chem class I'm trying to sign up says the lab is 3 credits. No one I have talked to (but I haven't talked to anyone at UVA) has heard of a lab being 3 credits. Can someone tell me if this is a mistake or if this lab is seriously 3 credits?</p>

<p>What class is this? I know my chem lab is two credits..</p>

<p>the class is chem 181</p>

<p>Looks like three credits to me.. and you might want to hurry for the last three spots the oh-so-accurate COD says is left in the last open section.</p>

<p>haha thanks...yeah I signed up for it and THEN noticed it was 3 credits when the thing kept telling me I had too many credits and then finally just deleted this other class I had on there. Thanks a lot!</p>

<p>Chem181L is indeed 3 credits. In fact almost all chem labs are 3 credits to my knowledge. The only ones I can think of that are not are the 141/142 labs which are 2 credits, and I wouldn't consider those real labs considering the work required for them. I don't know why the people you talk to would tell you otherwise unless they're basing their decisions on the pre-med labs, particularly BIOL203 and CHEM141L/142L and maybe a couple others, which are just some of the total labs at UVA but nevertheless the most popular due to the number of premeds in their first year</p>

<p>yeah i figured that was what happened, it's funny how certain people can be when they tell you bs. ;) anyway, thanks!</p>

<p>Meh. Are you talking about me?</p>

<p>no!! The people who told me wrong! you helped me! I'm really sorry if that came off like that.</p>

<p>Lol okay. I was wondering what wrong information I gave. =P</p>