COVID-19 hitting too close to home?

I thought I read in one of the COVID-19 threads that someone, or someone’s family member was dealing directly with COVID-19, but I can’t find it. While so far COVID-19 has not hit an immediate family member that I know of, I know of at least 2 friends already who have lost family members to the disease, one whose brother-in-law is extremely critical, and several others who have family members currently dealing with the virus. I know I am not alone.

As rampant as it is, it is touching the cc community. I hope this thread is seen in the light in which it is intended- to be here for each other for support, and to share knowledge, experience (good and not-so-good, just like college applications/acceptances). If this thread should be merged with another, thats fine. @VeryHappy started a thread of appreciation of our cyber friends. Thought this might be an additional place to share information, experiences and support for firsthand experience with the virus.

One friend from college lost their spouse to the illness. Because of the shelter in place, they cannot have a traditional funeral and gathering, so are trying to have a cyber memorial, with a formal one down the road, when they are allowed to gather. How awful not to be able to grieve with family directly.

I think there are too many COVID-19 threads and if we are going to have one for every separate aspect, another category should be started to classify them together as was suggested last week - i.e. Parents, Parents Cafe and COVID-19. Group all the threads under that section of the forum.

Sorry for all of those circumstances, @jym626 . The pace is stunning and fear the scope will be as well. All my best to those who are facing this illness and their loved ones and friends.

Thanks, @travelnut. Am trying to find the “tag” thing so that these threads can be connected, but the very fact that I couldn’t find where posters had talked about personal experiences (themselves, their friends/family) with the virus, it seemed helpful to to have a place to “gather”. This seems too important to let it get “buried” in the fast paced daily update thread or the “what did I do today” social distancing thread.

So, so sorry for your college friend @jym626. I’m sure this is most of our biggest fear - that someone near and dear to us is affected. :frowning:

There was definitely another thread about “do you feel like you could have COVID?”

I’ll be honest, I’m finding it hard to find the threads that are NOT about the virus. That is a little concerning to me. Just like real life I would like to not have COVID in my face all the time! I made the suggestion another spot but I REALLY wish that CC would consider making a separate section for these threads. I mean, we would ALL look forward to the day that that section could then be closed off once it’s over!

Thats a great suggestion, @abasket - if the admins would possibly make a “current events” forum, where things going on in the world (as there will surely be other things to come) and could move these discussions there, it would maybe not have it so “in our faces” in out cc as well as daily lives. That said, I do think we will be needing ti be here for more direct help and support as this thing continues to infiltrate our lives.

Yes, don’t want to take away from your intent of this thread @jym626 - but I agree we need the opportunity to talk about it - and also, for mental health sake, a break from it as well. I did post on the community forum page suggesting it - will see if that gets any attention.

Carry on!

Thanks, @abasket. Lets hope they consider consolidating these. I agree that its too omnipresent, but I also think , planning ahead a bit, that it would be helpful to have a place to “gather” without having to wade through all those other threads. I hope the poster (who knows, maybe there was ore than one) who mentioned they or a family member had it, might find this thread, and some support/solace/venting/sharing opportunity here.

I think this topic warrants its own thread. For those who are directly dealing with this within their own extended families or social groupings. I agree that it would make sense for Covid-19 threads to be grouped together within their own sub-topic.

We’ve got a thread with more than 10,000 posts – it is impossible to keep up with that!

Thanks , @calmom.
One friend’s BIL has been in ICU on a vent for 10 days. Every time they try to turn him his blood pressure crashes. Had a reaction to one of the antivirals so had to stop it. His birthday is tomorrow. No one can go see him. He is barely conscious.

We’ve got close family friends where both wife and husband are ill with Covid. It seems like the recovery is long and slow.

My D says at least two of her friends in NYC had COVID19. Not positive if they were tested and included in the statistics. They were being 30 year olds, going to crowded parties and bars. Fortunately both have recovered and neither needed hospitalization.

Her friend in LA believes she had it as well. Don’t know if she was tested either. She was wheezing (though not asthmatic). She also recovered without complications.

Fortunately, D hasn’t seen any of these friends since December or later. In HI, I don’t personally know anyone who has COVID-19, though I think they were doing a lot of the bedside CTs of dad to be sure he didn’t have COVID-19 when he was hospitalized with pneumonia.

I’m so sorry @jym626. This disease seems likes it’s painful to get through even if one recovers. I don’t anyone yet who has been effected. I’m very scared for one of my best friends who has stage 4 lung cancer, as her husband won’t quarantine the way he should. She is living apart from him in the house, but they share a the kitchen.

A HS friend and his entire family had it but are recovering. They did not require hospitalization.

Today is the birthday of The friend’s relative who is on day 11 of being in ICU . He has had complications (internal bleeding from the machine that is trying to oxygenate his blood, reaction to the antiviral, etc) and was able to be put on the list to get one of the experimental drugs. Good thing they got his name on the list yesterday, as it’s now on back order. Hope he is able to get it. Stay tuned.

My neighbor (and friend) was taken to the hospital this morning by ambulance. She and her husband returned from a transatlantic cruise (with a trip to Spain!) on the 16th. She started feeling feverish and tired on the 23rd (Monday!) and rapidly progressed to extreme fatigue, coughing, and disorientation/incoherence this morning. The EMTs and doctors are treating it as COVD-19 even though she hasn’t been diagnosed.

She also lost her sense of smell yesterday.

Now she’s on a ventilator and her husband can’t be with her. This is awful.

@HImom, @momofsenior1 - so glad they seem to be ok. @scout59 thats terrible!

The other day, I was on a thread that had a link that took you to other corona threads. A system link, not from a poster. Haven’t seen it since.

Personally, I think we have to decide what primary purpose we want from all these threads. Do we want a thread for every angle of this topic? In my reality, I only trust sources I trust and recognize how many conflicting pro opinions or pronouncements are out there. Even a friend of mine who’s an MD and public health authority has said some wacky things.

I can see the link box in the Recent Activity list. Look at that at the bottom of this page. Scroll down all the way.
That link takes you to a sort of master list. It says Covid-19.

It’s so sad. All of it. Maybe a thread like caring for parents. That would allow for anyone to post about a health situation or story. Not just covid 19. Thousands of us dealing with loss and grief related to illness of many sorts. well beyond these tragic covid stories. It might be a nice place to let it out or share an insight.

Just a thought. I can’t imagine being sick right or now or with a loved one in the hospital with something serious beside covid. Ie chemo or even the flu. They may feel exposed and forgotten and their numbers maybe be many times more.