Covid response on campuses

My daughter is a junior in high school and we’ve done some college tours, online tours and have read up on a lot of schools. However, one thing that we can’t get a feel for is how the colleges are handling the COVID situation. She is only looking at schools that have had class mask and vaccine mandates, but would like a place that is balancing that with enough testing that students can eat in a dining hall, have dorm gatherings, etc. Obviously, the situation can change on a dime and things may be different (better or worse) in 1.5 years. But I think the ability of a school to be thoughtful, transparent, nimble and data-focused says a lot about the institution.

This is information that’s hard to find online. Does anyone here, either parent or student, have rave reviews or negative reviews of how their school has handled the last 2 years?


There is a megathread about this: Colleges in the 2021-2022 Academic Year & Coronavirus (Part 2) - #5711 by politeperson
Although not sure how helpful it will be as it’s really, really long. If you have specific schools in mind, it may be better to just look at the school specific sub forums.


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