CPE grad programs?

<p>Does anyone know how competitive the computer engineering graduate programs are? Average/minimum GRE scores, type and amount of undergrad research they prefer, preference given to grads of which colleges and where...in/out of state, acceptance rate, size of applicant pools vs. program size...etc.</p>

<p>I guess you guys know what I'm asking.</p>

<p>I am a CPE undergrad and I have no idea about the grad program.</p>

<p>My heart...is breaking. :(</p>

<p>I found data for the engineering school as a whole, but it isn't too relevant. Maybe emailing the department head would help?</p>

<p>My brother is considering going back to grad school for engineering and I was just curious. He's taking it very lightly and believes it's all a matter of formalities, I thought some other students who went through the process would have some perspective. If it were MY aspiration I would have met with the president of the college like 10 years ago...but alas, my brother is very lackadaisical. I'm more interested than he is.</p>

<p>The master's programs are likely much easier to get into than the PhD programs. The average GRE scores for incoming grad students in the engineering school as a whole are in the mid 700's for math and in the lower 600's for verbal. The average GPA is in the 3.4 range. Remember, though, that the programs in the e-school vary greatly in admissions difficulty.</p>