Critical Language Scholarship 2023

Hi! Has anyone heard back on if they’re a semi-finalist for CLS this year yet? Thanks!

Not yet. I don’t remember anywhere for me to submit letters of recommendations when I submitted the application? On the CLS application timeline it says it was also due November so I’m confused if my application is completed?

I got two of the NSLIY scholarships and I’m currently a college freshman.

Letters of recommendation weren’t part of the application process this cycle! I applied for Chinese and was never prompted for a recommendation. And the website seems to indicate that everyone will find out whether or not they’re a semi-finalist by the end of January

Also, I did NSLIY too! Did Virtual Korean and am actually currently in Korea for the Alumni Travel Program!

Is there any portals to submit additional info as things change because it seems like our original application just goes through multiple rounds of readings and reviews. It would be nice if there were interviews like Nsliy