Croatian Girl Needs Opinions

i could really really use some advice:</p>

<p>Im a senior from croatia. my GPA is around 4.5(on a 1-5 scale) i had 3 Cs in my junior year(but we have 17 courses throughout the year so most of my other grades are A). my SAT1 is 1300(620m 680v). TOEFL is 273(computer based).i would probably need a full financial aid.these are the colleges i was thinking of:</p>

<p>colgate- earlydecision
bryn mawr
mount holyoke

<p>do i have a chance at ANY of those?</p>

<p>or if u have any other colleges to recommend please do so!</p>

<p>How about Middlebury?</p>

<p>I'll apply to Colgate ED 2 if Midd rejects me. Are you sure all those have good financial aid packages?</p>

<p>yeah but middlebury accepts only 23% of the applicants-plus, they require SAT2 which i havent taken nor i will cause i know i would suck at it.but other than u think i stand a chance at those colleges??</p>

<p>i would REALLY need some urgent gonna apply colgate ED but im not sure if thats a good idea cause i need full fin aid!!!</p>

<p>Hi, Ena. I think it is hard to give advice with application process, you should apply and see. The only thing I can tell you is that I applied to the following colleges from your list: Colgate, Lehigh, Grinnell, F&M, Oberlin and Colby. I had a slightly higher TOEFL and SAT, and also decent SAT II's, and a 5 out 5 GPA. I applied for financial aid as well. SO, I got accepted only into Grinnell and Colby. The first one didn't meet my need at all, the last one did. I think that Colby is a very good school, and I even would recommend applying there Early instead of Colgate. Also, check out Connecticut College.
P.S. In all these schools they do not require SAT IIs, but highly recommend them, so you'd better take them.</p>

<p>i still think i wont be taking SAT2 cause i would do really bad on those.
but can someone please recommend some safety schools for me??i need some schools that i could get in with my score and gpa and which give fin aid for internationals</p>


<p>i have some similar stats compared to would help me a lot to know some safety colleges too...someone please respond