Crowd-Sourced Data About 2020 Collegiate Incoming Fencers

Until shut down its service earlier this year, forum member AncientEpee maintained and shared an annually updated spreadsheet that tracked college recruiting commitments for graduating high school seniors.

With AncientEpee’s guidance, we plan to continue this initiative on College Confidential.

So, without further ado…here is a 2020 version of the kickoff post that traditionally started the (now renamed) annual “Unverifiable Rumors and Dubious Gossip” thread:

The purpose of this thread is to report crowd-sourced information about fencers who will be entering colleges in the Fall of 2020. While those who provide information here should endeavor to post as honestly and as accurately as possible, those who are reading this thread should be aware that the information is usually NOT from the fencers themselves and may be inaccurate. Attempts will be made to post corrections in as timely a manner as possible, but readers should be aware that inaccuracies are not always reported and even if reported, may take time to correct.

Therefore, coaches, alumni, parents, fencers, and other readers of this thread should not use any information posted here to take any actions without first verifying for themselves that the information is correct. This is the sensible way to treat any information posted on any thread on College Confidential.

Also, some fencers apply to and receive acceptances from more than one school. They usually post an acceptance even though they are waiting to hear from a school that they would more like to attend. So, seeing an acceptance here does not necessarily mean that the fencer will end up attending that school or fence for that school.

While many prospects have already received NLIs and/or LLs, neither is an official letter of acceptance. Since many schools send out these official notifications of acceptance around December 15, we hope to post the first report around the middle of the following week. So if you have any names, try to get them to me ASAP via PM if you want them in the first report.

If you send me a fencer’s name, please verify that you have spelled the name correctly, indicate the fencer’s gender and preferred weapon and, of course, provide the name of the school. (EXAMPLE: Tim Thomas (MF) — Harvard) Links to the sources of your information are also appreciated.

Updates and corrections can be posted on this thread and will be reflected in updated summary reports posted periodically. Thanks in advance for your help/cooperation and also to AncientEpee for his years of work and for his graciousness in allowing us to continue the effort here.

Thanks for doing this. It’s appreciated.

Can’t wait!

Kudos to Ancient Epee for carrying the torch all of these years. Special thanks to Seven for coordinating and reorganizing. Am sure we will all enjoy “URDG” for years to come!

I, for one, am very appreciative of @SevenDad for carrying the mantle of AncientEpee’s labor of love. This list, depicting the College acceptances, represents the culmination of years of sacrifice, extremely hard work, and dedication from these remarkable student athletes and their families. They have all earned this recognition.

Is there a place where all the previous years are archived and can be accessed? Those spreadsheets serve as a kind of “unofficial” comprehensive history of college fencers in the United States.

Thanks for putting this together. How do I send you information? College Confidential doesn’t give me the option to send you a message privately

Will there be an excel sheet posted or some other method?

Thanks for working on this. BTW, is the list availabe now? How to get it and take a look?

Hey everyone…sorry for being scarce in recent weeks. The holidays, then the NAC, then the NCAA fencing season, etc.

The one good thing about my tardiness in posting the 2020 recruit list is that I got some new names over my “mini-sabbatical” from CC. I am finalizing (mostly proofreading and correcting format errors) the first 2020 list and will post that soon.

Part of my delay was finding a PDF-hosting site that met the approval of the admins. After surveying a few service providers, I went with DocDroid and got that approved by the powers that be. You don’t need an account to view and download the PDFs I’ll be posting.

AncientEpee was kind enough to supply his summary reports dating back to 2010, so to maintain enthusiasm for the thread while I’m working on 2020, I’ll post those reports below. Let me know if you have any issues with these links:











To the people who want to get in touch with me, I think you need at least 10 posts to send PMs. So find some threads you have thoughts on and post… :wink:

Thank you @SevenDad. So amazing that you undertook this. Dare I say? It’s easier to view than the original lists.

@ShanFerg3: Too kind. Apologies to all for the delays…I will say that it is more work than I had thought!

Here’s the first report for 2020…just in time for JOs!

You’ll note some minor variations vs. past reports. For one, I did away with the counts by weapon/gender and school. My POV on this is that what people really care about are the fencers’ names.

My apologies for the gross delay in posting this first report. Thanks to everyone who shared tips/info and to BrooklynRye, superdomestique, and AncientEpee for their help migrating this report to CC.

Let me know if you have any issues viewing/downloading the report.

@SevenDad thanks for doing this. This is great info! I was so used to searching the old fencing dot net forums for the word “dubious” to find this that I’m almost disappointed that you didn’t include the word in the title of this post.

@stencils: That change was one of the concessions we had to make to migrate the content to CC…they don’t ordinarily allow posts that link to hosted PDFs, so it was a mod I was happy to make.

In the hearts of the OG parents, it will always be the “Dubious” report, though…

I followed this information for the past several years. Great to see class 2020 list!

Can you clarify how to send info to add to the list?

Thanks for the list! If we have additions to it - where do we send them?