Crowd-Sourced Data About 2020 Collegiate Incoming Fencers

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In the week or so since I posted the first 2020 report, I received a bunch of new names.

Here’s a link to the updated 2020 spreadsheet:

Hi everyone! Thanks SevenDad for your time and energy in compiling this list. I just registered as a member and can definitely add names to this. Can’t seem to find a way to pm though. Seems like College Confidential might’ve changed some settings to pm for newbies. Help this lost one so I can contribute! Lol.

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As has been the case historically, once I posted an update, I then got a bunch of other names (thank you, tipsters!). So if you have info on confirmed recruits, please send them my way via PM. If you don’t have enough posts, I’ll send you a PM that you can reply to. Once I get what I determine to be a critical mass, I’ll post an updated spreadsheet.

I think I have a couple of more names to add, but there is one more post I need for PM.

Please continue the tradition of identifying fencers who fence for other countries. Benjamin Shih fences for TPE and Arwen Borowiak fences for Germany. I believe there were other international fencers (women), but I was not certain. Thank you again for continuing Ancient Epee’s work.

@chenin I’ll update that in the next posted report…thanks for the heads-up. If anyone knows of other corrections that need to get made, by all means, please post.

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Hi SevenDad!
When can we expect an updated report?
I assume those are the fencers that got in early decisions.
From your previous experiences, did anyone got help to get in regular decision?

Here is the updated report, now with 80 fencers over 24 schools:

@SevenDad , please message me also. I have a name. I don’t think I can PM yet either.

@SevenDad thank you very much!

@Marypaha: To answer your question about RD decisions…according to AncientEpee (the originator of this report): “Usually about mid-March to the first full week in April was when at least half of the total acceptances come in.”

@SevenDad , please message me also. I have a name to add.

Same here. Please PM me as well. I have a bunch of names to add. Hope all is well with everyone.

I’m looking forward to seeing the update.

Hello all. Haven’t been on the forum much over the past few weeks.

I have received a few new names since the last report — but since the RD notification round is complete now, I’m asking anyone who might have new information on this year’s recruiting class to send me a PM with the info.